Mother Divine manifests multifold, time and time again, to unfold the divine secret the mankind demands and to get rid of the evil that pervades. As the scriptures proclaim, the glory of the Divine is everlasting. To sing in praise of her brings joy, bliss, and feelings of incomparable contentment. Shakti Aaradhan, held on October 8, 2016, on the auspicious occasion of Navratri vindicated the hearty desire of the devotees to sing her glory.  The minds of the devotees experienced joy unspeakable and their hearts were brimming with love for the Divine when attending an event that glorified the Supreme Power through profound spiritual discourses and melodious devotional songs.

Navratri Illumined Through Shakti Aaradhan in Netherlands

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized the event at Amstelveen, Netherlands to enlighten the audience with the significance of Mother Divine. Sadhvi Bhaktipriya Bharti Ji delivered an illuminating sermon glorifying the magnificence of Ma Durga. Sadhvi Ji stated that Ma Durga, the embodiment of Divine Light, rids all sorts of depraved darkness that permeates in society today. Sadhvi Ji addressed the current deplorable state of the society and encouraged the masses that to rid the problem from its roots we must tackle the basic cause – the malevolent mind. As the corrupt minds continue to bring destruction, it is inevitable that Ma Durga manifests again to enlighten all and guide humanity once again. Sadhvi Ji narrated verses from the scriptures to establish the undeniable fact that without the benign grace of the Perfect Master, who Himself is an epitome of the Divine Light, enlightenment is not possible and the mind barrier cannot be transcended.

Navratri Illumined Through Shakti Aaradhan in Netherlands

Further elaborating the topic, Swami Satmitranand Ji gracefully continued with the discourse by explaining the importance of Navratri, the need of enlightenment, and the importance of the incarnation of Mother Divine as the ultimate savior.  Saints, sages, avatars, prophets, and messiahs all personify to reunite humans first by self-realization then by emphasizing the need for universal unity. Swami Ji stated that Brahm Gyan is an awakening and the fundamental solution to bring about the change in the individual first and next address the society as a whole to challenge the gloom surrounding from all ends.  He specified that the true Self can only be realized through the practice of Brahm Gyan. It is a divine instrument used by all incarnations to awaken and transform the people from ignorance to an enlightened state.

Brother Kabir Ji with the musical team enthralled the hearts of the audience and literally drenched them with Lord’s praises and enriched them with divine love. Singing melodious hymns for Mother Divine, the audience rejoiced in Lord’s name chanting “Jai Mata Di”, hailing victory in the name of Mother.

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