The land of Ludhiana, Punjab was blessed with Lord Shiv Katha held from November 20th to 24th, 2015 organized by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan. Sadhvi Viveka Bharti Ji, the orator of the Katha and a renowned disciple of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji narrated the Katha. It is with His divine guidance that the Sansthan is holding such programs, time and time again. The program enticed not only the oration of Lord’s plays but also the conduction of numerous musical symphonies as well as hymns. Audience from all around the district joined the event.

Need of the Time - A Guru like Lord Shiva, Sadhvi Viveka Bharti Ji Proclaims

In the discourse, Sadhvi Ji beautifully elaborated on the outer appearance of Lord Shiva, His unique accessories and ornaments, His trishul, the damru, His ride-Nandi Bél, the Shiva Linga, as well as His meditative posture. She explained that each detail is indicative of a deep state of knowledge and meditation. She used multiple examples and illustrations to explain what they signify.  Further, Sadhvi Ji mentioned different names of the Lord such as Rudra, Neelkantha, Pashupati, Ashutosh, Trilochana, Bhole Nath, etc. Each name is suggestive of the particular leela of Lord.

Need of the Time - A Guru like Lord Shiva, Sadhvi Viveka Bharti Ji Proclaims

Sadhvi Viveka Bharti Ji did not fail to mention that although today we bow down to the image of Lord Shiva that we see in the temples and shrines, the true image of the Lord can only be seen and experienced within. Lord Shiva enabled Mata Parvati to see such form of Lord within herself with which all her doubts, troubles, and inquiries were resolved. After receiving the immortal secret, Mata Parvati became peaceful as she continued to exercise the Yogic technique of Dhyan the Lord bestowed.

Lord Shiva, being the destroyer of all evil, continues to perform constructive destruction in the disciples’ hearts. Sadhvi Ji stated that it’s the need of the hour to resolve all issues in the society and rid the world from all evil. This can be achieved by the same practice that Mata Parvati did from Lord Shiva. The only difficulty is to find a Guru like Lord Shiva that grants the same knowledge. All scriptures around the world also point towards such a Guru that incarnates to bestow the knowledge to its seekers. His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is the answer to all stipulations therefore He continues to grant divine knowledge (Brahm Gyan), which enables one to see the true form of Lord, within.

Sadhvi Ji emphasized that thousands have achieved the true knowledge and are continuing on the path of righteousness. Additionally, this Katha was a humble invitation for those who seek the same. Furthermore, the organization also portrayed the various initiatives and ongoing projects at the venue demonstrating the social impact besides from the spiritual difference it continues to make.

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