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Work-related stress is one of the most important global issues at workplaces today. Stress has many negative impacts on health and leads to physical problems, psychosomatic & psychosocial problems, and low productivity. Participation and involvement of employees is essential in the prevention of stress at work.

PEACE at Indian Oil Ltd., 'Stress Management@360 degree'

In this regard, Corporate Health Safety & Environment Department of Indian Oils Ltd. planned a half-day workshop on Stress Management on 14th September, 2018 in the Sixth Floor Conference Hall, SCOPE Complex Core-2; for which the faculty assistance was sought from PEACE Program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan.

PEACE at Indian Oil Ltd., 'Stress Management@360 degree'

Sadhvi Tapeshwari Bharti Ji, Sadhvi Dr. Nidhi Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Shailasa Bharti Ji facilitated the abovementioned PEACE workshop, which included a power-pack of Chair Yoga postures, quick stress-busting exercises and various rhythmic breathing techniques (Pranayams)!

The Eternal Science of Meditation has a reforming effect on our thoughts, attitude, and outlook towards work and life as a whole. This exclusive session of the workshop was an eye-opener to many, was powerfully absorbed by most for the unmatched benefits it potentially offers.

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