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To announce the holding of Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Gyan Yagya from 22nd to 28th November 2019 at Mayur Vihar, Phase-II, (Delhi), a Peace March was organized by the youth selfless volunteers of DJJS. The rally brought together the attention of people of all ages in the area. It generated awareness about the merits of living a spiritually enlightened life. The rally invoked spiritually uplifting slogans highlighting at the same time the ways through which an individual can achieve spiritual awakening.

Peace March for a Serene World: Youth Rally at Mayur Vihar Phase II, Delhi

The rally emphasized the need for a true Spiritual Master (Guru) for the purpose of inner awakening. No summit is ever achieved without proper guidance and discipline. Likewise, the guidance and blessings of a Guru is a must for a spiritually fulfilling life. Since the Guru is the knower of the inner world, and is the manifestation of Divinity, he knows the difficulties that a seeker may face when striving for inner tranquility. In such situations, a Guru’s direction can help the seeker to come up with effective solutions.

Peace March for a Serene World: Youth Rally at Mayur Vihar Phase II, Delhi

The presence of a Guru not only enhances the inner life of a seeker but also the outer life. An awakened mind makes wiser decisions in comparison to the non-awakened. Blessed with inner wisdom, the seeker helps to create an enriched society. A prime example of this is DJJS’s Holistic Education Program - Manthan. The rally illustrated through banners and slogans the growth a society can achieve when its underprivileged children are provided with   good and free education. The success stories of such children are worth noticing. Spiritual enlightenment through Divine Knowledge (Brahm Gyan) bestowed by a true Guru has the effect of improving human behavior to noble heights. The rally, thus, urged the people to begin their spiritual journey with the blessings of a true Spiritual Master.

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