Satguru is the greatest teacher. He teaches the disciple of how to pray, what and when to ask for. He trains the devotee to pray during happy times as well as the sad ones, as only a prayer acts as a safe deposit that comes handy in difficult times.

Pious Monthly Congregation Reinforces Prayer to Spring Devotion

When hearts become dry, hope hides away, love gets vanished, and sorrows saturate the minds, only one escape remains – PRAYER by a sincere heart. Hands together, eyes closed, focused on the beloved, a devotee prays, with a humble heart, asking Him for none other than the Lord Himself. For the devotee understands, the moment light pervades, darkness must instantaneously depart. Therefore, asking Lord for His light and love, devotee can be certain of ridding all sorrows, obtaining peace of mind, and filling the heart with nectars of love and devotion.

Devotion is conquered with the lasso of prayer.  It comes in possession with the strong grip of heart-filled emotions. Even the quietest prayer presented with sincerity is heard by the Lord. Lord, in turn, grants the wish to the seeker and lightens the load of sorrows enabling love and gratitude to flow through even the minutest channels of the arid hearts. He merely doesn’t understand the words; He also accepts them and ingests them.

Pious Monthly Congregation Reinforces Prayer to Spring Devotion

With the grace of His Holiness, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, another pious monthly congregation held at Divya Dham Ashram on June 19, 2016 echoed the above evocative lessons for all devotees. As His Holiness continues to shape out great men and women even in today’s chaotic world, the timely congregation comes as a reminder in everyone’s routines. Reinforcement of Guru’s teachings and the practical applicability of the lessons is what the event accomplishes.

Devotees who attend the program regularly feel immensely blessed to have received the golden opportunity of being in the vicinity of Satguru, His teachings, and His love. Contributing to the cause of World Peace, the selfless volunteers seek the chance of offering their time and service.

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