What it means to have a conscious life? Despite intellectual advancement, man is unable to surmount the predicament during his life period. In addition to this, he is ignorant to the most fundamental aspect of his existence and blind to the purpose of his life. As a result, the cycle of birth-death breaks him down but life is not about breaking down; rather it is about building up.

Rekindling the Path to Divinity within at Monthly Congregation, New Delhi

It has taken several epochs for life to evolve and reach epitome in the form the species called Homo sapiens, in other words “Human Being”. But “being human” is far from the traits that humans exhibit today. Man can think and speak unlike his immediate genotypical predecessor and thus considered to be the ultimate form of life. Nevertheless the fundamental inquiry into life and its purpose have bewildered many since ages.

Rekindling the Path to Divinity within at Monthly Congregation, New Delhi

Time and again question have been raised,   “Who am I?”

Religious scriptures and sages have also underscored relentlessly to:   “Know Thyself”

Real knowledge is acquaintance of one’s inner self. Without the basic awareness of one’s own existence, a person goes on to do everything in life. Sometimes he finds solace in religiosity, which is distinct from spirituality. Spirituality, if put in simple words is the pursuit of one’s spirit. This is possible only if one is aware of his “spirit”, the divine essence housed in the physical temple called human body.

Just the way, it takes a lit candle to illuminate another one, only a Sadguru is the beacon light on the path of spirituality. To begin with, by kindling the spirit of his disciple, a Sadguru help man to know himself, the true nature of his existence. Without a Sadguru, the spiritual path is like tracing the flight of a bird in the sky. By the grace of Sadguru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, founder and head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, several people have been ignited into the path of spirituality. Their quest to know thyself has been put to rest and the journey within has begun.

To rekindle this journey within and revitalize their path to divinity, many devotees had gathered at the Monthly Congregation, at the Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi on March 6, 2016. The assembly of innumerable devotees from across the nation was elated by nerve stimulating bhajans. Preachers insightfully put forth the need for wisdom on this journey, since it is full of pitfalls, thereby necessitating the wayfarer to tread the path cautiously and wisely. The joy of the gathering knew no bounds after attending to community meal and benefiting from various booths that offered products to quench their mind, body and soul.

A true wayfarer is never satiated by the measure of each leap made on spiritual path, the joy and bliss of the journey keeps him stimulated. The success of the event was marked when the gathering dispersed with desperation to return by surmounting all pitfalls on spiritual path during a month’s period.

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