Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) – a non-government, non-profit and a leading socio-spiritual organization, headed and founded by His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, was proudly invited by Shri Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya, Higher Education Minister, Madhya Pradesh for the Rashtriya Ramayan Mela at Manoranjan Ground Hazira, Gwalior. Devoted Disciple- Sadhvi Deepa Bharti Ji, represented DJJS for two days: 21st and 22nd Feb, 2018. The Mela was organized for 7 days and out of which Sadhvi Ji beautifully preached the mission and vision of DJJS for two days.

Remarkable Presence of DJJS at Rashtriya Ramayan Mela in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

The Rashtriya Ramayan Mela was organized with the purpose of making people aware about the vision of Ram Rajya, which was completely based on the high-values and morals. Such values and principals talk of walking together in all walks of life, moving towards the highest goal of life- Salvation.

Remarkable Presence of DJJS at Rashtriya Ramayan Mela in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

‘According to many authors who have researched the Indian epic (Itihaas) Ramayana have concluded that Ram Rajya is not a myth or imagination, it is an historic truth of it times and for the time to come.’ Lord RAM's (Right Action Man) ideology was to establish Ram Rajya on the unique technique known as Divine Knowledge (Brahm-Gyan).

By bestowing this Divine Knowledge, which can connect one’s soul to the highest supreme consciousness of universe, Lord Ram changed lives of Bhakht Bharat, Hanuman, Mata Seeta, Bhakt Laxman, Vibishana, etc. Ravana couldn’t recognize the supreme potential of Lord Ram and throughout his life, considered him as an ordinary man, due to which he faced the utter failure in his life.

Similarly, in today’s planet, revered Gurudev H.H. Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has initiated the drive to bestow Divine Knowledge to the maximum possible people, so that we all can realize the ultimate goal of our life and work towards it. Be it jail inmates, physically challenged or even the direction less youth of the nation, Maharaj Ji has designed our lives with loads of love, affection, care and Divine Knowledge. Consequently, all disciples are now working towards the common mission and vision of DJJS- self- awakening to the World peace.

For two days- Sadhvi Deepa Bharti Ji presented her own supreme experience after being initiated into Divine knowledge. She told that Ram Rajya isn’t somewhere outside on the Earth, rather it is our soul which directs our mind and heart, through which our thoughts get its shape and decide to work on certain destination. Hence, Divine Knowledge turns our soul into a Ram Rajya which can be manifested outside by our words and actions. Visitors and Chief guests applauded the work and initiatives of DJJS and showed their keen interest to get associated with different initiatives of the organization.

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