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Be the change you want to see in this country and feel proud to be an Indian. Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country. Republic day is the national festival of India celebrated on 26th January every year. It is a historical day to remember our national heroes and freedom fighters, who suffered to give us a republic nation. The Constitution of India was enacted on the same day in 1950. To celebrate the spirit of the day, Manthan-SVK also organized Republic Day celebrations in all its centers on 25 January’2020 in which students of Manthan paid tributes to the brave sons of the country through various cultural programs.

Republic day celebrated at the centres of Manthan-SVK to spread the feeling of Patriotism by the students

The event started in a ceremonial manner with flag hoisting in all the centers, after which the teachers and students came together to sing the National Anthem and the National Song. The whole atmosphere was filled with the feeling of patriotism with the slogans of Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai. On this occasion, various cultural programs and competitions related to patriotic fervors were organized for the children, such as patriotic songs, speeches, paintings, slogan writings etc. Children filled the atmosphere with patriotic feelings through their mesmerizing presentations. The teachers introduced the "Indian Army" and its amazing works through a video, telling the students about the importance of Republic Day and also explained how our brave soldiers are standing on the front and putting their lives in constant danger to protect the country. The teachers explained that it is also our national duty to stand on the internal front of nation building with the same diligence, courage and self-sacrificing spirit. This will be our true tribute to the brave martyrs of the country. While briefing the children about the importance of the constitution of the country, information was also given to them about their rights and duties. Public awareness was also communicated through the rally organized by the students.

Republic day celebrated at the centres of Manthan-SVK to spread the feeling of Patriotism by the students

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