Culture Connect Conclave series by SAM saw its 4th batch of students and teachers of K.R.Manglam World School, Vikaspuri at Divya Dham Ashram. The program was facilitated with a view to connect the students to the pristine Indian Culture.

SAM hosts Culture Connect Conclave for K.R.Manglam World School, Vikaspuri (Batch IV)

An educative tour of the kamdhenu Gaushala was followed by the visit to various counters depicting Indian rural activities provided an insight into the holistic aspects of the Indian way of life & living. The students were also offered home grown organic food in the tradtional style of community feasting. Towards the end, the students enjoyed dancing to beats of indian musical instruments 'dhol and tasha'. 

SAM hosts Culture Connect Conclave for K.R.Manglam World School, Vikaspuri (Batch IV)

The School’s faculty also acknowledged the role SAM was playing in reinstating cultural and moral values in the young students which are of utmost significance in Education today”.

Chief Guest for the day, Shri Rana Yashwant (Group Managing Editor at India News) spoke at length on the importannce of connecting the youth to their cultural roots. He deeply admired the way SAM was continously inspiring the youth in this aspect nationwide.

SAM is a powerful youth engagement program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (an international, humanitarian organization) which seeks to awaken, inspire and transform young minds. It is a completely volunteer driven initiative and it's creatively designed, results oriented format has made it India's fastest growing youth drive.

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