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With the aim of empowering the future citizens of the country to lead the cause of nature conservation, DJJS Karkardoma has undertaken Sanrakshan ‘Children for Earth’ campaign in the area. The state- of- art campaign FOR the children, BY the children and OF the children is designed to deliver the basics of environment protection as well as define individual responsibilities for meeting the larger conservation goals.

Sanrakshan 'Children for Earth' Campaign | DJJS Karkardoma sowing the seeds of pro- environmental living in children

A special team of young DJJS Nature Conservators has been trained in the essentials of nature conservation to lead the campaign. Through a series of ‘know your environment’ workshops in the schools as well as outside schools, DJJS Nature Conservators are educating and engaging children in the cause of nature conservation.

Sensitizing Workshop for Students of Sarvodaya Kanya Vidhyalaya Govt. School, Vishwas Nagar Extension

Sanrakshan 'Children for Earth' Campaign | DJJS Karkardoma sowing the seeds of pro- environmental living in children

DJJS Karkardooma conducted a sensitization workshop for the students of Sarvodaya Kanya Vidhyalaya Govt. School, Vishwas Nagar Extension on 2nd December.

The workshop began asking a basic question- What is environment? Some said its trees, while others said it includes rivers and air as well. Later, the volunteers, through various activities, elucidated the true meaning of environment and about the interrelationship of nature, humans and animals. The students participated enthusiastically in the activities organized by the sansthan. This was followed by an enlightening skit by the Sansthan's ‘Children for Earth’ Brigade. Through the skit, they depicted how human activities affect the environment, and in what manner the consequences come back to us.

Post that, Sadhvi Chandraprabha Bharti ji, ascetic disciple of H.H. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, apprised students on the inevitable relationship between nature and man and how the equation of human- nature relationship defines human development and human health. She then explained that considering the present condition of environment, there is a dire need to both pro- environmentally adapt to the situation as well as take steps to mitigate the impact. This can be done by adopting the 3R rule (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) in our lives, as these were the key practices followed in the past in addition to tree plantation, which is till date considered the most effective technique.

The program was concluded with a congratulatory speech by the School Principal, Mrs. Indu, who expressed her appreciation and furthermore, invited Sanrakshan to hold more of such programs in their school to inculcate environmental values in the students.

Training workshop for DJJS ‘Children for Earth’ Brigade

 A special training cum empowerment workshop for the members of ‘Children for earth’ brigade was organized at DJJS Karkardoma Ashram premises on 8 Dec, 2016. The budding environmentalists were apprised on essentials of nature conservation and latest environmental news from across the globe through interactive and activity based sessions.

The session concluded in tiny tots pledging to adopt pro- environmental actions in their daily living and devoting their weekends for raising awareness on the cause.

Climate change advocacy workshop undertaken at Vivek Vihar Govt. School, 8 Feb 2017

Under the banner of Sanrakshan Children for Earth Initiative, team of young nature conservators from DJJS Karkardoma centre organized a climate change advocacy workshop at Vivek Vihar Govt. School on 8 Feb 2017. Setting the context of the workshop, DJJS Nature Conservator cited examples from various parts of the world indicating the growing impact of climate change.  Further the dramatics group of Sanrakshan performed an insightful skit educating the students on basics of climate change. The skit was followed by a lecture on the ‘Role of individuals in combating Climate Change’ by Sadhvi Chandrprabha  Bharti Ji, ascetic disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. To making learning fun, several interactive and educative activities were included in the workshop through which children were acquainted with various aspects of climate change.

In the end children pledged to shoulder their responsibility for combating climate change and spreading the message to their friends at home and parents. The initiative was highly appreciated by the Principal of the school.

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