Following the enlightening MEMR Sanrakshan Pathshala, young lads and ladies at Oriental Convent Senior Secondary School, Ludhiana, decided to take a proactive role in nature conservation. On Tuesday, 24 Feb 2015, as a special ceremony, a group of over 40 students and few teachers joined hands to constitute a Sanrakshan Club under the banner of the DJJS Sanrakshan led My Earth My Responsibility Campaign.

'Sanrakshan Club' constituted at Oriental Convent Senior Secondary School, Ludhiana

The enthusiastic troop of budding environmentalists as a part of the Sanrakshan Club formation ceremony, took vows of shouldering their individual as well as institutional responsibility towards nature conservation.

'Sanrakshan Club' constituted at Oriental Convent Senior Secondary School, Ludhiana

Swami Vikasanand Ji, DJJS Environmental expert undertook an orientation session for the new entrants of the MEMR family. While addressing the students, he said, “Nature is a treasure inherited commonly by the human civilization, and its high time instead of looking at others for management and maintenance of Nature we should all pro- actively take our responsibility towards mother Nature.”

Educating them about the important role they have to play in leading this environment movement he further said, “You have to be the leaders of change, hence, first check your plunderous and wasteful attitude towards nature and its resources and then without any reservations go out into the communities to check their wasteful actions and teach them pro-environmental living”.

All motivated, the young members of Oriental Convent Sanrakshan Club pledged to keep the interest of Mother Nature high on priority and devote time and creativity for motivating more and more people on the path of pro- environmental living.

Under the My Earth My Responsibility Campaign,  to steer Ludhiana towards being environmentally responsible society, Sanrakshan clubs are important institutions which not only ensure pro- environmental grooming of students but also empower them to lead and sustain this movement of environmental change.

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