With just one day to go for the World Environment Day, one of the most important days for concern over environmental issues, DJJS gears up to raise one voice across the nation, “My Earth, My Responsibility”. Youth workshops, rallies, street plays, awareness counters, poster exhibitions, the young environmentalists of Sanrakshan are doing it all with one aim high on mind, to mobilize public action for environmental protection.  

SANRAKSHAN| Getting Geared up for World Environment Day 2014

At DJJS Gujarat a pre- event, poster making workshop was organised. “They are not just filling colors into these posters rather we are infusing environmental values in them through painting.” said Sadhvi Deveshi Bharti, Coordinator, DJJS Gujarat. To meet the growing environmental challenge, engagement of masses in environmental action stands essential. Days like environment day are opportunities of motivating people to take time from their daily chores and do their bit for the environment.

SANRAKSHAN| Getting Geared up for World Environment Day 2014

Bearing this in mind, DJJS is undertaking variety of public engagement and awareness programs from 5-8 June, 2014 across India. The idea is simple sensitize, inspire, engage and act.

Join us to raise one voice, this environment day, “My Earth, My Responsibility” at various DJJS Branch offices.

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