From 5th June to 10th June DJJS marked World Environment Day 2014 in various parts of the country namely New Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Punjab through its branch offices. Rallies, street plays,  drawing competitions, slogan competitions, plantations, youth meetings, community meetings, awareness generation sessions, training workshops and information desks, we did them all, with one idea- to sensitize, inspire and mobilize public action for conservation of environment.

SANRAKSHAN| Here is how we did our bit for the environment

Thousands of men, women and children came together to do their bit for environment.

SANRAKSHAN| Here is how we did our bit for the environment

They were indifferent about environment; we triggered a thought in their mind,

They were busy in their daily chores; we motivated them to take a meaningful break,

They needed a platform to do something; we gave them the desired one,

They thought how their bit would matter; we told them each bit counts,

They thought we were doing good work; we did it because they were with us!


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The ‘My Earth, My Responsibility’ campaign continues…

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