On eve of Earth Day, Lovely Professional University organised a special seminar to discuss sustainable solutions for nature conservation. DJJS Sanrakshan was specially invited to the seminar to raise awareness on sustainable solution in the area of agriculture.  DJJS representatives Swami Indreshanand Ji, Lakhwinder Singh Ji and Swami Sajjananand Ji, disciples of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji participated in the event.  Raising concern on the state of agro- ecosystems, Swami Indreshanand Ji and Lakhwinder Singh Ji, in their lectures, explained to the attendees how the current farming methods pollute water, soil and air. Extensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the post- green revolution era has driven the agriculture in the state of jeopardy, which has led to compromised soil, biodiversity and human health. Responding to the curiosity of students to know the solution to the problem, Swami Indreshanand Ji introduced them to the concept of Hitkari Kheti, model organic farming initiative of DJJS which is beneficial to the farmers, consumers, nation and nature as a whole.  

In addition, on 22 April 2017, Earth Day, a special tour of DJJS Hitkari Farms based in DJJS Nurmahal Ashram was organised for the students of LPU to have live experience of the benefits of this farming. Swami Indreshanand Ji took the students on the tour of DJJS Kamdhenu Gaushala, sensitizing them on pivotal role of Desi cows in supporting organic farming.  This was followed by a walk through the DJJS organic fields under the guidance of Lakhwinder Singh Ji, Representative Hitkari Kheti, who showed them various organic farming techniques being practiced in Hitkari Farms which lead to soil, enrichment,  biodiversity conservation and  water conservation thereby, keeping the ecosystem healthy and productive. The students were also given a tour of the production unit, herb collection section, SAM Ayurvedic Pharmacy, etc. of the sansthan where they witnessed how farm produce and cow- by products were used to making ayurvedic medicines..

With their inquisitive minds the students not only got an insight into the Indian Heritage but also cherished their sense of belonging to such a rich culture and many of them came forward to volunteer in the conservation activities at the Sansthan. 

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