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SANRAKSHAN| Young environmentalists of DJJS Gwalior sensitizing masses on Energy Conservation

11 May 2014. DJJS Gwalior: Answering the age old question of ‘What can I do for climate change?’ young environmentalists of DJJS Gwalior, dedicated their weekend to mobilize public action for combating climate change. Dr. O.P.S Chauhan, a leading medical physician and Mr. D.C. Dubey, Additional Officer, Electricity Board, Gwalior, the honourable guests for the program, joined in to support these young volunteers. The agenda was to sensitize locals on need for Energy Conservation. 

SANRAKSHAN| Young environmentalists of DJJS Gwalior sensitizing masses on Energy Conservation

The United Nations facts on climate change reveal that over last three decades, all greenhouse gas emissions increased by an average of 1.6% per year with CO2 emissions from fossil fuels growing at 1.9% per year and energy supply being the top contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the fact, the energy use patterns in domestic and commercial arenas remain defined by one word i.e. ‘ínjudicious’.

To draw attention of masses towards their injudicious energy use patterns, the team of young environmentalists at DJJS Gwalior, enacted a skit precisely showcasing lax attitude of each one of us towards energy conservation within our kitchens, our homes and our workplaces.  The skit was followed by an enlightening lecture by devoted disciple of Shri Ashutosh Mahraj ji, Sadhvi Vinita Bharti, wherein she elucidated the dynamics of energy consumption and climate change.  Emphasizing the need for re- establishment of the human- nature relationship of mutualism, she shared some quick to dos for energy conservation. 

The effort of children was rewarded with hundreds men and women coming  forward and resolving  to proactively do their bit to save energy and wage war against climate change.

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