Noticing the graph of rising crime against women in the state, DJJS Meerut held a group discussion in the Buxer town of U.P. on the subject of ‘women advancement vs. women safety’. The Sadhvi Gender Trainers highlighted that crime against women comprises of every form of physical and mental abuse that causes any sort of visible or even intangible injury to women and trivialize their status.

Group Discussion on ‘Women Advancement vs. Women Safety’

Sadhvi Ambika Bharti ji and Sadhvi Divya yoga Bharti ji, disciples of Shri AshutoshMaharaj ji, head and founder of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) called for the interactive session with 25 women to discuss incessant incidents of crime and violence prevalent in society. Newspaper cuttings of recent criminal offenses against women including rapes, molestation, violence and honour killings were put on a wall which was followed by a group discussion. The set of agenda points to be discussed included – how to ensure women safety, does acceptance of violence mean sharing of responsibility, your view of advancement of society as well as women and solution to secure dignity of women.

Group Discussion on ‘Women Advancement vs. Women Safety’

At the outset, while putting forward her view on advancement of women, one of the women group members said with all pride that her daughter is very modern, owns a mobile and goes to college. When Sadhvi Ambika Bharti Ji asked her what time her daughter comes home, she said with head low that she does not let her daughter stay out after 6 pm as it is not safe. It was evident from the discussion that it’s not just about women but the overall advancing society fails to present a safe environment for women to stay in, move around and progress. 

On the contrary, one beneficiary of Santulan – the Gender Equality Program of DJJS who was accompanying the team, stood up and discussed with the group her mother-in-law’s empowered perspective towards the same. “My mother-in-law who is a disciple of revered gurudev Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji allows me to study in college and doesn’t restrict me from going out” said the daughter-in-law. She then mentioned about her own check that she puts on herself and said, “Even I got ideologically empowered after getting initiated into the science of self realization – Brahmgyan and now I myself judge each and every activity and for that matter, even thoughts of mine whether they are correct and righteous on moral, individual and societal grounds. And therefore, I make sure that I voice my concerns over unjust gender practices and also stay stern towards the bad aspect of growing contemporary lifestyles in the form of immoral acquired cultures which can hamper my dignified image”. The group was moved by the enlightening views of the Santulan beneficiary.

At the end Sadhvi Divya Yoga Bharti Ji reiterated Swami Vivekanands’s words, "There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved" and motivated women as core of societal development to stand up for themselves and know their real identity and enliven holistic empowerment as other beneficiaries of Santulan, through the science of self awakening.

DJJS is a socio spiritual organization working across nations with its vision - ‘from self awakening to global peace’ recreating gender balance, ensuring drug abuse eradication, nature and bovine conservation, reforming prisoners and empowerment of disabled and physically challenged.

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