The entire nation stands together and vows to serve the country with full integrity, as India celebrates 72nd Independence Day this year. Every Indian gets brimmed with patriotism as the flag is hoisted at Red Fort by Prime Minister and he mentions the contributions of freedom revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives to gift us this independence. This list also comprises of abundant female freedom fighters who were martyred for being vocal about their stance for independence, Rani Laxmi Bai, Madam Bhikaji Cama, Sarojini Naidu, Savitribai Phule, Kamla Devi Chattopadhyay, Begum Hazraz Mahal, Durgabai Deshmukh, to name a few.

Santulan observes Independence Day 2018 pressing freedom of women from tyrannical mindsets

However, in spite of witnessing such resolute women since ancient times, the calibre, strengths and spirit of women is still doubted today, and are thus imprisoned with skewed mindsets and gender based prejudices. Santulan strongly opposes such misconceptions and is working ceaselessly to release women from such clutches by a 2 pronged approach wherein, society is sensitized in righteous way about the value for women; and women are awakened at soul level to make them realize their self-worth. Having such an agenda, it is celebrating Independence Day all across the nation under the banner “Conclave of Women Societal Leaders” and the masses are sensitized in the direction of women empowerment by recalling the sacrifices of historically established she-roes.

Diverse awareness raising initiatives are being undertaken with huge participation of women exemplars from distinct social spheres viz, teachers, principals, directors, chairpersons, doctors, lawyers, charted accountants, homemakers etc. Awareness walks are being organized by volunteers in multiples areas with posters and placards, chanting glory of women, since ever till forever. Volunteers put on the masks of renowned female freedom revolutionaries and walk on the tune of patriotic songs.

Santulan observes Independence Day 2018 pressing freedom of women from tyrannical mindsets

Awareness workshops and informative conferences are also being organized that include discussion over the feathers in cap of a woman, who is still bound with various economic, social, political shackles, longing for autonomy. Sadhvi disciples redefine independence through enlightening discourses, as emancipation from all forms of oppression for women and accentuate on significance of spiritual awakening for women to become holistically empowered. Various engaging activities are also being arranged that bind attendees to introspect and ponder over the missing link that keeps them close to subjugation and away from independence. Attendees are given badges as they pledge in unison “Break Boundaries...Break Silence... Happy Independence!”. The objective is to re-attain the lost dignity and status of women when the spirit of every individual, including women, would sing the song of independence and individualism.

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