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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (“DJJS”) organized a 2 -Day Meditation Camp on 17th and 18th December, 2022 at Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab. The aim of DJJS is to uproot all social evils through the eternal science of Self-realization– 'Brahm Gyan', making the world a peaceful and happy place to live for all. Approximately 2,000 Brahmgyani Sadhaks participated in the meditation camp to contribute their positive energies for World Peace.

Self-awakening is vital for World Peace: Meditation Camp organized at Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab

The spiritual discourse by the representatives of DJJS motivated the disciples to move forward with accelerated speed on the path of Salvation. The Preacher Disciples of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji explained that most of the worldwide systems are directly/indirectly influenced by human beings. Therefore, to bring a change in the world, the change needs to be activated in every human being. Further, for transformation, it needs to be initiated at the base level of humans, i.e. Inner Self (Soul). No academic knowledge or outside procedures can serve in bringing a change in individual's action and behavioural pattern.

All our Scriptures have stated in agreement that the soul must be awakened. This awakening is possible only through the Divine Knowledge - eternal science of Brahm Gyan. The Perfect Spiritual Mentor of the time is empowered to bestow this rare and sacred Divine Knowledge upon a human being. Therefore, one must strive hard to find such a divine mentor. One thing which is important for all to understand is that meditation based on the said technique of Brahm Gyan is not only for old people, rather, it is the need of the hour for all humans. We often read and hear lot of cases of crime, depression and anxiety. The root cause of all the problems can be narrowed down to “Mind”. All the problems originate at the level of mind. Therefore, it is imperative to tame the horses of this uncontrolled mind. The meditation based on Brahm Gyan serves as a whip to control the mind. Only a calm mind can spread peace. Remember! a peaceful and controlled mind is powerful enough to achieve heights of success both in the material and spiritual world.

Self-awakening is vital for World Peace: Meditation Camp organized at Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab

Under the guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, DJJS is putting all its endeavors in the direction to fulfill its vision “From Self-Awakening to Global Peace”. The enlightening experience shared by the DJJS’s representatives motivated all the Disciples. The event was successfully concluded with prayers and mangal aarti.

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