Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), with the divine grace of H.H Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized a four day spiritual program entitled ‘Shiv Katha’ at Moga, Punjab. The event punched the clock with myriad devotees from 23rd September - 26th September 2015. The chief guests included Sh. Mohan Lal Sethi (BJP Vice-President, Punjab), Parveen Garg (Chairman-Indo Soviet Pharmacy College), Rohin Sachdeva (Director-L.L.R.M.P College of Education), Manjit Kansal (President-Agarwal Sabha), and Manoj Bansal (Chairman-Satyam College of Education). 

Shiv Katha in Moga, Punjab acts as a catalyst to seek GOD within

The Katha orator Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji triumphantly discoursed all the four days without even a speck of fatigue. Sadhvi Ji brought into light the major iconographical traits of Lord Shiva like the third eye on his forehead is symbolic of wisdom and farsightedness, the venomous snake around his hair is symbolic of sensualize and the damru is epitome of “Anhad Naad” i.e. the sound of creation.

Sadhvi Ji accentuated the meanings of several names of Lord Shiva co-centering on “Nataraj” i.e. the GOD of dance. Additionally, she explained that this divine dance form is the bedrock of the process of creation and disintegration. Specifically, the peaceful dance and the destructive dance are the two articulations of the temperament of Lord Shiva in the vicinity of which he performs the formulation and dissolution of the universe.

Shiv Katha in Moga, Punjab acts as a catalyst to seek GOD within

Furthermore she embellished the conception of third eye that is exemplar of penetrating within and seeking almighty instead of finding HIM externally. The Shiv Puran itself is the attestation that divinity can be perceived within the human body not in the jungles or the caves. Only THE third eye is the ultimate gate that leads to the inner world. Only a genuine spiritual saint i.e. Sadguru has the forte to break opens the jammed lock of the third eye through one and only technique – BRAHM GYAN.

Eventually, the Katha winded up with the pious Aarti of Lord Shiva. Meanwhile the congregators cherished the community feast. So in totality the event was successful in dispersing the beans of divinity all around.

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