Lord Shiva is portrayed as the supreme ascetic with a passive and composed disposition. Shiva is believed to be at the core of the centrifugal force of the Universe; because of his accountabilities for death and destruction. However, Shiva dissolves in order to create, since death is the medium for rebirth and thus creates a new life. So the opposites of life & death and creation & destruction reside in his character.

Shiv Katha @ Jalandhar, Punjab – The divine jewels of Lord Shiva’s life comprehended for masses

Shiva, in temples is usually found as a phallic symbol of the 'linga', which represents the energies necessary for life on both the microcosmic and the macrocosmic level, i.e., the world in which we live and the world which constitutes the entire universe. Since Shiva is reckoned as mighty destructive power, therefore to numb the negative potentials he was fed with opium; as he has great power to imbibe all the sinfulness of this world, yet can remain full of purity, divinity and energy. The life of Lord Shiv is full of purpose, sacrifice and numerous wise gems, which cannot be easily comprehended by a common man. DJJS made an endeavor to let it reach to the common people austerely by narrating the divine four day Katha from 23rd -26th April, 2015.

Shiv Katha @ Jalandhar, Punjab – The divine jewels of Lord Shiva’s life comprehended for masses

With the divine blessings of the Lord, Shiv Katha was conducted by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS); a socio-spiritual organization engaged in upliftment of mankind, at its Jalandhar Branch, Punjab. Katha Vyas Sadhvi Pardeepa Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji unfolded many divine secrets from the life of Lord Shiva. She focused on the importance of the “Divine Knowledge” bestowed by Lord Shiva to Goddess Parvati at the place, famously known as "Amarnath". The divine knowledge, thru which, a man can reach the stage of immortality and experience true oneness with the Lord for eternity. She also laid emphasis on numerous special personality traits of Lord Shiva that one can be found only in him.

The chief guests of the event were; Dr. Kewal Singh (SMO), Bharat Mahesh (SHO), Jung Bahadur Verma (Distt. Vice President-BJP North, Jalandhar), Rewal Singh (Sarpanch- Vill. Sikandarpur), Rakesh Kumar (President- Maa Chinmastika Mandir Comm.), Sanjiv Kumar Bedi (Owner- City Cable, Bhogpur), Meera Sharma (Sarpanch -Vill. Ladoya), Ram Lubhaya (BDO), and Boota Ram (Shri Ram Mandir Comm).

It was indeed a privilege for one & all to be a part of Katha and it bequeathed amity within the audience. This beatific event gave the opportunity to dive into the divine world of Lord Shiva, which is filled totally with the deific emanating energy, and the ultimate power against every negative power.

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