Shiv Katha is the story of Lord Shiva and his sacrifices towards mankind. At the time of creation of this universe oceans were churned and the first outcome of that churning was poison. It is said that this poison had to be disposed for the creations to come to life. Lord Shiv did not hesitate to drink this poison and make way for the nectar to be flown to the earthly beings. This is the reason why Lord Shiv has a blue throat as the mark of poison remained in throat. Hence, his name is Neelkanth (blue throat). Years after Years, mankind has read this as story and worshipped Lord Shiva without paying attention to the real meaning of the same but this simple incident from the life of Lord Shiva encompasses various hidden messages. It is not possible to fathom these messages without the guidance of a perfect master.

Shiv Katha Stresses on Soul Realization as a Gateway to Divine Path in Punjab

To make the mankind aware of the real purpose behind divine acts of Shiva, a three days Shiv Katha program was organized from 11th to 13th Feb 2018 by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) at Ludhiana, Punjab. By the grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, this program received appreciations and was praised by devotees all over the district. Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji, preacher disciple of Shri Maharaj Ji was the main speaker.

Shiv Katha Stresses on Soul Realization as a Gateway to Divine Path in Punjab

Another name for Shiva is ‘Ashutosh’ meaning the one who is pleased easily. This is probably the reason why lord Shiv has the maximum followers as it is believed that he mercifully gives away boons to his devotees. Lord Shiva is innocent and in rage can destroy all negativities from the world. He is known to be the destroyer deity- just like construction; destruction too is vital for the continuity of life. Sadhvi Ji explained in detail the mysterious countenance of Lord Shiv. The third eye of Lord Shiva is symbolic and indicates that all human beings have this subtle third eye by which one can perceive its soul. This third eye can be opened for a blind person also. The technique through which this knowledge is imparted is Brahm Gyan.

Sadhvi ji explained that in the current time, Sadguru Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has the power to impart Brahm Gyan or divine knowledge to anyone who seeks knowledge.  Maharaj Ji’s mission Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan works on Social, spiritual and cultural front for the uplift of society. Shiv Katha is a part of spiritual branch of DJJS and aims to reach out to every individual in this world so that each can have a direct perception of God within oneself. This is the way to connect to one’s base and thereby make the soul stronger. Sadhvi ji said that with help of Brahm Gyan, all issues in the society can be eliminated from its roots. Volunteers, who are imparted with Brahm Gyan, work untiringly in the ongoing social projects. They carry great qualities of righteousness and kindness within themselves and stand out in the society just like precious gems can be easily identified from a hand full of stones.

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