A loyal devotee of God does not seek anything, other than the devotion to God or oneness with Him. Devotion to God and faith in Him leads to salvation. The true Guru helps in realizing God and in getting salvation.

Shri Hari Katha Delivered the Gems of Spirituality to the Masses at Pathankot, Punjab

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (“DJJS”) under the Mentorship of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Head & Founder – DJJS) is determined to achieve its vision of “From Self Awakening to Global Peace” through the eternal science of self-realization, Brahm Gyan”.  Recently, DJJS organised Shri Hari Katha at Pathankot, Punjab from 4th to 6th August, 2017.

Shri Hari Katha Delivered the Gems of Spirituality to the Masses at Pathankot, Punjab

People in large numbers gathered to attend this peaceful discourse. The 3 days event provided them with gems of spiritual treasure and guided them towards the path of salvation via inner awakening.

The Katha orator, Sadhvi Saumya Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji enlightened the masses about ultimate purpose of life and motivated them to take to the path of bhakti. The soul is a particle of divinity, immortal, conscious, untainted by maya, and blissful in nature. Such a soul has allowed itself to be dominated by maya and has been caught in its trap like a parrot and a monkey. Saint Brahmananda also advised, “Don't give your body and mind to the world and its sensual enjoyments, as the world shall destroy them.”

All Holy Scriptures, revealed to humankind through divine inspiration, have articulated that the human form is the one most adored by God. It is deemed as the one and the only medium through which God can be felt, heard, and seen. By realizing God, we do not lose any other part of our life but, instead, our life is made complete with the prime aim successfully accomplished! The communion with God, involving constant remembrance, makes a man all the more powerful while imparting him the spiritual power, thus making him strong enough to face all sorts of trials, tribulations and responsibilities, whether physical, mental or spiritual. The divine science is the most profound knowledge embedded with the practical realisation of the immortal soul. Its enlightening tendency can liberate one from all sorts of delusions. The Katha orator gave numerous examples in this regard from scriptures quoting from the lives of devotes like Meerabai Ji, Arjun, Gopis, Vivekanand Ji, Kabir Das Ji, etc.

The orator further highlighted, “to acquire the knowledge of the Soul, the knowledge of the spirit, we need to reach out to a Spiritual Master. Through Brahm Gyan, He makes us realise that we are not this body, mind, or the intellect; instead, we are the Soul, the divine particle, sprouted from the bosom of the Lord Himself. That is the moment when we are integrated with the Self. At that level, we experience eternal bliss; we experience what is true liberation! On being initiated into the eternal science of Self-Realisation through Brahm Gyan, the Supreme Consciousness of the aspirant gets awakened. It is similar to the rising of the sun of inner conscience in the inner sky or the subtle cosmic space in our being.”

When an aspirant meditates on the light of inner conscience, his thoughts and mental proclivities begin to fall in the ambit of awakened consciousness, thus becoming deluged with positivity and wisdom. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is a Perfect Master of this Time. His continuous grace keeps showering over numerous disciples who have learnt the art of true meditation and explore their inner world instead of searching for peace outside.

The programme concluded with the divine prayer of goodness for all and successfully delivered the message of bhakti amongst the masses at Pathankot, Punjab.

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