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 The world today is drowned in an ocean of sorrow and is struggling to come out of it. Today the problem of humanity is not just the survival but it's the craving and pursuit of pleasures associated with senses at physical, emotional and intellectual level.

Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Paved Way to a Spiritually Managed Life at Moorooka, Brisbane, Australia

To connect the Man to the powerhouse of happiness and peace within, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (“DJJS”) moved a step ahead and organized a workshop on “Gita and Management” at Moorooka, Brisbane, Australia on 31st August, 2019. The eminent guests present in the workshop were Mr. Umesh Chandra (Ex‑President, GOPIO Queensland), Mr. Rakesh Sharma (Ex‑President, Lakshmi    Narayan Mandir), Cr Angela Owen (Councillor, Brisbane City Council), Ms. Soma Nayyar (Ex-Secretary, Author, Lakshmi Narayan Temple) and Ms. Usha Chandra, Ex-President, GOPIO Queensland.

Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Paved Way to a Spiritually Managed Life at Moorooka, Brisbane, Australia

The orator Sadhvi Om Prabha Bharti Ji (Disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji) spoke about the relevance of the divine message delivered by Lord Krishna through Shrimad Bhagwat Gita which holds relevance for the people of 21st Century also. Bhagvad Gita as spoken by Krishna to his disciple Arjuna at the battlefield of Kurukshetra, answers major questions of our lives and existence. The Gita is a vast storehouse of Yogic knowledge and philosophy. It is the most effective problem solver. 

Sadhvi Ji elaborated that the source of all pains and sorrows of mankind is the “Attachment” and “Fear”. Due to these attachments, the action of a human being is limited to the welfare of his family only and at the most of his friends and relatives. Arjuna was also in the same state of mind in the battle field. His mind was clouded with attachment and fear. Today, we as professionals also face such situations many a time in our workplace when we could not take a decision because of fear of uncertainties or our decisions are biased because of our attachments/inclinations. In fact in varying degrees every man is a victim of disease which Arjuna's body and mind was experiencing at that time, and “every Man needs the cure of Gita to perform right actions at right time”.

The session was accompanied with practical and interactive activities to better understand the concepts and teachings of Gita. The orator further enlightened the people and stated that human life is especially meant for spiritual inquiry which can be fulfilled only by a perfect master. Only Perfect Master removes the veil of darkness and shows us the light within ourselves.

The session was followed by a Question and Answer session with the orator. Thus, the divine message of Gita was successfully delivered thereby directing the people towards inner awakening.

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