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Shri Krishna made an indelible impression upon mankind’s collective consciousness re-educating the world about devotion and dharma as well as the ultimate reality. Krishna’s teachings are most relevant to our times in the sense that they neither let you get lost in material pursuits nor make you completely withdrawn. They rekindle your life, from being a burnt-out and stressed personality to a more centred and dynamic one. Krishna teaches us devotion with skill. 

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Gyan Yagya Elucidated the Supreme Doctrine of Divine Knowledge at Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

In order to generate oneness and to encourage all towards the path of Divine Knowledge, DJJS organized Shrimad Bhagwat Katha">Bhagwat Katha Gyan Yagya at Ahmedabad, Gujarat from 23rd to 29th December, 2018.

Various dignitaries like Smt. Jashoda Ben Modi, Shri Shankarbhai Dalwadi (Chairman, Gujarat State Handloom & Handicraft Development Corporation Ltd.), Shri Kaushik Bhai Patel (Revenue Minister, Govt of Gujarat), Shri Gautam Bhai Shah (Former Mayor, Ahmedabad), Shri Jayesh Bhai Patel (Municipal Councillor, Ahmedabad), Shri Purushottam Radhikaprasad Sharma (Chairman, World Brahaman Federation, Gujarat), Shri Karsanbhai Solanki (MLA, BJP, Kadi), Shri Parbat Bhai Patel (Water & Irrigation Minister Of Gujarat State, BJP) also marked their presence in the program. The D-live telecast of the Katha was telecasted on Sanskar Channel from 25th to 31st December, 2018. The grand program of Shrimad Bhagwat Katha">Bhagwat Katha was also captured in various esteemed newspapers. The devotional renditions combined with various stories about the glorious pastimes of Shri Krishna kept everyone’s mind absorbed in the bhakti (worship) of the Lord and sanctified the atmosphere.

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Gyan Yagya Elucidated the Supreme Doctrine of Divine Knowledge at Ahmedabad (Gujarat)


The Katha orator Sadhvi Aastha Bharti Ji beautifully narrated the entire katha explaining to the audience the significance of the acts of Shri Krishna and the divine messages hidden in it. The scriptures teach the principle that in the body there is an eternal unchanging soul who has a fully blissful relationship with the Supreme Soul, Shri Krishna, or God, that he has now forgotten. The Lord doesn’t advise us to turn away from our relationships in order to attain Self-realization. He explains that we should be free from all attachments while still maintaining loving relationships and upholding our family responsibilities.

Shri Krishna was a divine power who propagated the divine knowledge of 'Brahm Gyan'. Shri Krishna initiated his obedient disciple Arjuna into the vast ocean of Brahma Gyan. At that very moment of enlightenment, Arjuna could practically see divine light attributed to millions of Suns, he could experience the entire universe within himself by the grace of his spiritual Guru who was none other than Shri Krishna. The Vedas say that any society based on the principles of spiritual realization will automatically be peaceful and prosperous because spiritual culture naturally gives rise to simple and austere living with ever increasing satisfaction.

The Katha encouraged every soul to follow the supreme doctrine of Shri Krishna to become a true devotee, and find True knowledge and bliss. The audience realized the importance of spiritual hunt in life and how materialistic things are secondary, though necessary in this material world.

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