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HE showers His immense grace and divine love onto all that remember Him. He loves all equally and uniformly for He is the ultimate divine lover, the giver, and the protector. His grace was seen spreading throughout the Bengaluru, Karnataka region where all were invited to take a dip into the Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Gyan Yagya held from January 6th -12th, 2019. Lord’s devotees experienced the divinity throughout the 7 days.               

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Soaked the Masses in Divinity at Bengaluru, Karnataka

Sadhvi Padmahasta Bharti Ji, orator of the event, beautifully explained the numerous plays the Lord articulated with finesse. She enabled all to realize that each action of the Lord had a divine meaning that resonated one centralized goal – triumph over evil. As darkness vanishes as soon as a candle is lit, similarly, the evil vanishes as soon as Lord incarnates onto the earth. He takes birth to unite the masses and enable them to see the divine light within and outside.

Sadhvi Ji orated that anyone who came in Lord’s contact would experience an inner transformation shaping noble individuals in the society. As a small child Lord defeated the demon king Kansa who had made people’s lives miserable. She analogously explained that today too we need such a strong willed individual who can rid us of our miseries. Social conditions today are horrible, everyone is self-oriented and it’s damaging our world at large. She further explained that today’s demon kings are the malevolent minds that do more harm than benefit the world.

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Soaked the Masses in Divinity at Bengaluru, Karnataka

She explained that the realization too is God’s utmost grace that people are able to detect the flaws and work towards correcting themselves. However, she stated, that change implemented from outside is short-lived, but that which originates from the depth of a transformed heart is everlasting. She says our society demands such a change and if we are true devotees of Lord Krishna we must come together to bring that change and leave our children a better world.

Sadhvi Ji explained that His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is such a personality who is determined to transform all individuals at the mind level. This very transformation enables all to work selflessly for the world to achieve the set goal of World Peace one day. The receivers of this Katha, the numerous audiences, were intrigued by all the modern life examples Sadhvi Ji put forth that are similar to the dwapar yuga of Lord Krishna’s time. They realized that Lord gives us birth not just for ourselves but also to better the society, the nation, as well as the world.

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