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“The only way you can conquer Me is through love and there I am gladly conquered.” This is the perennial essence of bhakti (devotion). Many scriptures proclaim that as and when a human being takes shelter of Guru, one initiates the divine journey of reuniting with Lord and the true merit of devotion (bhakti) can be experienced. To enable the devotees to tune in into the path of spirituality and to stir up unconditional love for Guru, Shrimad Bhagwat Katha program was organized by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan from 10th to 16th December, 2016 at Rohtak, Haryana. The Founder and Head of the Sansthan, His Holiness Shri Maharaj Ji is the Perfect Master and is instrumental in awakening myriad souls with his benign grace.

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Stirred Hearts of the People of Rohtak (Haryana) through the Epic Tales of Love and Devotion of Lord Krishna

The event was inaugurated with holy prayers at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. The learned orator of Katha, Sadhvi Vaishnavi Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Maharaj Ji, gave the sterling description relating to the wise gems of mystery behind various acts of Lord Krishna and His divine saga. Sadhvi Ji explained the merits of those acts scientifically and logically, which people of all age groups could relate with their current life situations. The entire audience seemed immersed into the details and spiritual depths of the Katha.  All His acts in the initial stages of His avatar depict the ever-lasting bond of Love shared between Lord and His devotees and disciples. For this divine relationship, Lord Krishna reveals  in Bhagwat-Gita that He takes incarnation time and again to reunite souls with infinity.

One of the acts described by Sadhvi Ji to explain His leela was, when Mother Yashoda tried to bind Krishna with the rope for spilling the butter, but every-time shewas compelled to enlarge the rope, nevertheless it fell short. The Lord of Universe is the living embodiment of the limitless! How can anyone tie down which is without limit! Only when Krishna saw the overwhelming mother’s love that He terminated his rope-leela. . The Lord of Universe can only be tied with the rope of unconditional love and devotion. Further in this act Krishna pulls the heavy stone pestle to which he was tied and uprooted the two giant Arjuna trees, that were the cursed sons of Lord Kubera. With this example Sadhvi Ji explained how Supreme Lord is always up for reviving or liberating the living beings. He uses the appropriate occasion to liberate us from bondages. The way the sons of Kubera were cursed, humans beings at present are cursed and remain slaves of Maya in all forms. Only a Perfect Saint can liberate us from the enslavement and other forms of bindings.  The discourse was accompanied by devotional bhajans that left audience awestruck and they seemed overpowered by the zooming vibrations of the musical notes and the power of spirituality ingrained in melody.

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Stirred Hearts of the People of Rohtak (Haryana) through the Epic Tales of Love and Devotion of Lord Krishna

Sadhvi Ji also emphasized that we can recognize the avatar of Lord based on the practical experience of God. When Lord Krishna enabled Arjuna and other disciples with the technique of Brahm Gyan they could realize the limitless form of Lord Krishna. She urged the audience to reconnect with Supreme with the same practical technique of Brahm Gyan and achieve the ultimate purpose of human life. Many disciples of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji volunteered enthusiastically and extended their support towards the various activities related to the program. A number of eminent personalities attended the event and remained engrossed in the profound details of the Katha lucidly explained by the learned Sadhvi Ji.

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