“We are the same as plant, as tree, as other people, as the rain that falls. Consist of that which is around us, we are the same as everything.” -Gautama Buddha

Spark of Divine Spirituality Encircled the Nation at Monthly Spiritual Congregation!

The quote framed our life very beautifully that whatever is there surround us, we inherit that, whether it’s good or bad. Our life consists of both the sides of coin but nevertheless it depends on us with whom we want to grow more with, the ethical (good) or the evil seed. As we all know, Lord has created this universe and loved us all without being partial. He wants that whether it’s going good or whether we are in trouble, whatever happens, we walk untouched, unattached, unscathed just the same way as lotus stays in mud without being contaminated by it. So let’s get connected to the spiritual vibes to know the details of human life.

Spark of Divine Spirituality Encircled the Nation at Monthly Spiritual Congregation!

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) is a socio-spiritual organization who works under the guidance of his holiness Shri ASHUTOSH MAHARAJ Ji. The organization works selflessly on the mission of world peace. A plethora of devotees around the globe are witnessing the eternal peace by the grace of Maharaj Ji who provided them the colorful wings of ‘Brahm Gyan’ (divine knowledge to become selfless, and in a true manner get to know what spirituality is all about). By tuning into ‘Brahm Gyan’, people are in state of eternal bliss.

Yet another session of Monthly Spiritual Congregation unfolded across various regions in India in the month of July which showered us with love and spiritual dose and was organized at Dabwali Malko Ki (Punjab), Gorakhpur (U.P), Patna (Bihar), Jaipur (Rajasthan), Jodhpur (Rajasthan).

Devotees were thanking in the lotus feet of “SHRI ASHUTOSH MAHARAJ JI” after discovering how lucky they were, to get to know the infinite and unconditional love of GOD towards them. They sealed the inspirational bhajans and insightful sessions in their hearts for another month. HIS Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji always says its right of all to get to know the “practical realization” of GOD; the theoretical knowledge is just not enough at all. This is all we could write to summarize the session but ‘seeing is believing’. Come and be the part of these monthly events, if you haven’t already. As every sunrise has a sunset, our monthly spiritual congregation came to an end with community feast.

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