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 Shri Ram Katha is not only a consolidation of episodes in Lord Ram’s life but also spiritual essence of every gesture of the Lord. Lord Ram with his impeccable principles, and strong character had shown an illuminated path for generations to come. To make the people aware of this spiritual essence, a five day long Shri Ram Katha program was conducted by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan. It brought an aura of deep spirituality in the Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir. Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji, a highly accomplished disciple of Sadguru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, presented the Katha as the main speaker from 11th Oct to 15th Oct 2019. 

Spiritual Elucidation of Righteous Spirit of Lord Ram in Magnanimous Shri Ram Katha at Samba, J&K

Sadhvi Ji said Shri Ram Katha has been imbibed and admired by devotees across the world. Different regions in our great country Bharat have produced ardent devotees of Lord Ram who have bowed their heads in His holy feet. Highly intellectual bards have composed boundless spiritual verses in numerous languages in praise of the Lord. Guru Gobind Singh Ji has penned Shri Ram Katha- a character sketch of the life incidents of Lord Ram, Kritiwas Ramayan is renowned as one of the greatest compositions of our history in the eastern region of Bharat while saint Eknath Ji in Maharashtra has contributed to mankind an incomparable piece of literature named Bhavarth Ramayan. In Tamilnadu, Kamb Ramayan written by Kamb embarks seamless devotion in the hearts of the devotees and Raghuvansham the unmatched poetry by Mahakavi Kalidas is known to every follower of the Lord. There are innumerable such examples of Ramayana as known to us.

Spiritual Elucidation of Righteous Spirit of Lord Ram in Magnanimous Shri Ram Katha at Samba, J&K

Ram Charit Manas composed by Saint Tulsidas, crowned as the jewel among epic, is written in simple and lucid language that a common person in the northern region of India can recite by heart. Elaborating on the popularity of Ram Charit Manas, Sadhvi Ji said that a miraculous story is famous on its origin. It is said that once Goswami Tulsidas Ji was in a brief journey to Kashi where he was in the process of writing the stanzas. In a strange anecdote, how many ever lines he wrote during the day used to vanish at night and all he had were blank pages the next day. As this repeated a few times, Tulsidas Ji felt at a loss of his comprehension and fell to the feet of Lord Mahadev and with tears in his eyes, he prayed to Lord Mahadev to help him understand his fault. It is said that at that time the lord descended before him and provided him with guidance to the spiritual composition of Manas in the earthy spoken language Awadh so that the great life of Lord Ram is understood by the masses.

The large gathering in Samba was eager to receive this ambrosia of Shri Ram Katha which had reached them with the immense grace of perfect master of present time. Sadhvi Ji hailed to Maharaj Ji’s grace and said that this Katha is no ordinary story because it is not just built with words. The greatest achievement of this Katha is Brahm Gyan, the direct perception of God’s existence within oneself. Once an individual attains the same, the entire life becomes a celebration as each breath of life is then dedicated to Lord Ram, the perfect master.

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