When Shiva beats his DAMARU- Evil Shakes and the Wise Awakes!

Spiritual session at Jilla Karagar Sudhowala, Dehradun

Bearing a similar intent of oozing out wisdom in the minds of the prisoners, Antarkranti, organized a 1 day Spiritual Session, focused around Lord Shiva at Jilla Karagar Sudhowala,Dehradun,Uttarakhand.

The event held in the prison premises attracted 500 beneficiaries including 300 male inmates and 200 women who participated actively in the event.

Spiritual session at Jilla Karagar Sudhowala, Dehradun

The session conducted by DJJS preachers Sadhvi Sushri Arunima Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Sushri Jahanavi Bharti Ji centered on celebrating the sanctity of Lord Shiva and divine teachings bestowed upon humankind by Him.

Suffused with inspiring and motivating anecdotes from Lord Shiva and mesmerizing bhajans and the session successfully bound the attention of prisoners who were all engrossed into the deliberations of the session. Many popular myths associated with Lord Shiva, like consumption of Bhang were also busted.

The spiritual session was followed by a one to one counseling session wherein the preachers clarified the queries of all who sought an audience with them.

The event concluded with Aarti at the lotus feet of Lord Shiva and left behind a satisfied and enlightened audience.

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