In the light of rising temperature in the city resulting from slipshod attitude of humans in utilizing the natural resources, hundreds of nature conservators from DJJS Bathinda rode bicycle and took to the streets to sensitize masses about the deteriorating condition of environment and encourage them to adopt green ways of living.

STOP AIR POLLUTION. LIVE GREEN. SAVE PLANET | Special Bicycle Rally organised by DJJS Bathinda Centre

Mr. Diprava Lakra (I.A.S.), D.C.; Adv. Ashok Bharti, Ex-Chairman Improvement Trust; Dr. S.K. Bansal, MD; Mr. Rajinder Bansal, Businessman; Sudarshan Gupta, Hotel Pizzano; Mr. Hans Raj Peerkotia, Chairman of Mahavir Dal; Mr. Gurvinder Brar, Punjabi Folk Singer and Mr. Veer Davinder, Punjabi Folk Singer flagged off the rally from Mahavir Dal, Near Fauji Chowk on April 4 at 4 pm, and then participated in the cycle rally as well.

STOP AIR POLLUTION. LIVE GREEN. SAVE PLANET | Special Bicycle Rally organised by DJJS Bathinda Centre

Riding through the city on bicycles, the nature conservators raised awareness slogans to encourage people to adopt pro-environmental lifestyles in response to the rising pollution in the city and to combat climate change as a whole. “Riding a bicycle is symbolic of the green lifestyles which is the need of the hour to save the earth. Cycling is a green way of living not only delivering health benefits to an individual but also conferring health benefits to the nature.” shared a DJJS Nature Conservator.

The riders covered the entire city with the spirit of nature conservation, leaving no person uninformed about the message. People in the shops and homes came out to witness this grand cavern. Many people affirmed their support for the move by cheering the conservators and raising their hands.

The move was highly appreciated by city dwellers and guests were over whelmed to the see the dedication and commitment of the volunteers. At the culmination point of the rally a special educative session was organised where in DJJS representative motivated the city dwellers to head towards sustainable living. In addition, as a commitment to green living, DJJS also gave small planters to the guests.

DJJS has been undertaking these Go Green bicycle rallies in various cities to jolt masses out of the long standing inertia of self- centred and reconnect with nature for its conservation. 

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