Gorakhpur: Children are often seen playing on streets, chatting, chirping, and jumping here and there having fun with no targets and aim. It’s rare to find them contemplating, grim and standing for a serious issue putting forward some thoughtful perspective across.  

Students walked down the lanes to motivate people against drugs

But on 1st May 2015, under the ongoing campaign ‘Nirnay’ in Uttar Pradesh, a trail of 250 learners from two eminent educational institutions R. L Inter College and D. J. V Mandir walked for not having fun or some group play but they gathered to walk down the lanes in order for raising and motivating the onlookers against the use of drugs and other intoxicating substances.  Holding banners and raising slogans on the ill effects of drugs, these kids with full pride and confidence were howling  ‘nasha maza nahi saza hai’, people roaming in market places immobilized , shopkeepers from their shops came out to see the enthusiasm and feeling of volunteership, these kids had on their faces.

Students walked down the lanes to motivate people against drugs

Defeating the scorching heat of May month, walking through the skewed gullies and streets of lalganj, district basti, and more than 250 students covered almost 3 kilometer area started from Manorama sangam mela place covering Mahadeva road, Chaubah village culminated at Manorama sangam mela place again. An enthusiastic volunteer mihira mehraj, said, “This rally is conducted in order to spread this awareness message regarding the ill-effects of smoking and drug abuse. So, please avoid drugs."

On the way, teachers, students and bodh’s volunteers distributed informative pamphlets to the public as well. Interested people were also given addresses so that needy can be satiated with the further treatment services provided by the organization. 

Activities like these are regularly being organized under the project Nirnay. To participate and regular updates, join our facebook page at www.facebook.com/djjsrehab or you can mail us at [email protected].

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