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Sadhvi Padmahasta Bharti Ji presented a heartwarming narration of Shrimad Bhagwat Maha Purana to the people of Bargarh, Odisha from 9th to 15th December 2018. The Katha was supplemented with melodious devotional songs. Sadhvi Ji explained the pious characteristics of Lord Krishna as the world spiritual Master (Guru). Shri Krishna, as is mentioned in Shrimad Bhagwat, was full of compassion even for the people who did evils deeds. He gave many chances to such people to transform for better. She cited the case of Shishupala. He was the King of Chedi and Shri Krishna’s cousin. Shri Krishna had promised to pardon him a hundred times and he would kill him when he exceeded the limit.  When Shishupala’s misdeeds crossed the stipulated number, he was beheaded by Shri Krishna. It is stated in the text that he still attained salvation all because of Shri Krishna’s grace.

The Beauty of Guru's Grace: Shrimad Bhagwat Katha at Bargarh, Odisha

Shri Krishna was not an ordinary human being an enlightened one. He attained eternal knowledge (Brahm Gyan) from his spiritual Guru Shri Sandipani. The tradition of transmitting Brahm Gyan from Guru to a disciple is an ancient one. It is an established fact that this knowledge can only be gained with the grace of a true Guru. Shri Krishna did so too. This knowledge makes an individual the wise one. One is able to create a serene and a peaceful world within. Such an individual walks the righteous path and draws everyone to do the right action as well. The life story of Shri Krishna is an evidence of this assertion. Throughout his life Shri Krishna, with his words and actions, kept urging people to live a life of righteousness and do the wise deeds. In this process, he did not lose his compassion for the evil doer. This was indicative of the grace of a world teacher who Shri Krishna embodied.

The Beauty of Guru's Grace: Shrimad Bhagwat Katha at Bargarh, Odisha

 Sadhvi Ji asserted that today we too need such divine knowledge and the divine Guru who can take us from darkness of animalistic desires to the inner light. Who shows us the ultimate truth that remains beyond the scope of mortal eyes. In this regard, asserted Sadhvi Ji, that the gate of DJJS is always open for every seeker irrespective of one’s background.

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