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Lord Shiva also known as Adiyogi (the eternal ascetic) or Amarnath (the eternal God) is seated deep in everyone’s heart.  He is Nirguna (without attributes). He is Niraakar (has no shape or form) and He is Para Brahman (supreme transcendental consciousness) that is all pervading. The formless emblem of Lord Shiva i.e. Linga, is the symbolism of inner sky of every human being. Lord Shiva is the inner sky of consciousness; it is state which is achievable within this human grab.

The Divine Shiv Saga Decrypts the Journey of Spirit to Supreme in Ludhiana, Punjab

In his other kind as human form, Lord Shiva’s each facet is symbolic and sends supreme message to humanity for instance; Human ash on his body is representative of time bound nature of matter and he is beyond the ambit of this matter, free from illusion. The life of Lord Shiv is symbolic of humanity which is full of purpose, selflessness, sacrifice and numerous wise gems, which cannot be easily comprehended by a common man. In order to direct the devotees in the sole direction of Lord and unravel deep rooted spiritual substance, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan under the divine guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji organized a five-day Shiv Katha event at Ludhiana from 6th Aug to 10th Aug, 2018.

The Divine Shiv Saga Decrypts the Journey of Spirit to Supreme in Ludhiana, Punjab

The program commenced with Holy prayer onto Lotus feet of Lord Shiva and Vedic chants, sanctifying the materialistic surrounding into a spiritual one. Sadhvi Viveka Bharti Ji undertook as the discourser of the Katha, and was profound in her explanation of the various aspects of Lord Shiva’s life and his teachings to the world in the form of Guru Gita as well. Sadhvi Ji explained that Lord Shiva is reckoned as the mighty lord of destruction; destruction of Adharma (going against one’s rightful duty), vices (Five demons), Imposition in the name of religion etc. to restore balance in Universe. In the similar way, Satguru (Perfect Master) acts as Shiva in the world of disciples by destroying any forces that acts as a hindrance in his/ her spiritual progress. Shiva like Satguru reveals God present in every element of this creation and guides disciple to connect with the primordial source and attain salvation from duality.

It is also mentioned in Guru Geeta that Satguru is the source of eternal bliss and supreme happiness who has true wisdom, is beyond the dualities, is infinite, unique, eternal, pure, and steady, sees with the eyes of wisdom and is beyond thoughts and whose attention is always on the divine. Sadhvi Ji exhorted audience to embark upon such spiritual journey and take refuge of the Perfect Master. She then profoundly stated that His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is the perfect master in today’s time capable of awakening any seeker and when a seeker gets connected to the inner core, his/her life becomes the bliss rather than a chore.

Divinity emanating from each day of event gave the opportunity to everyone to dive into the world of Lord Shiva and experience the sacred energy up against any sort of negativity in world.

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