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The narrative of Shri Ram becomes very important to understand in the present time. Shri Ram was the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu. But this is not the only reason for which his life story is considered special. Rather, it is the way he conducted himself throughout his life that became exemplary for generations to come. Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji explained the gems that Shri Ram’s life narrative holds for all of us as the orator of a grand 7 days Shri Ram Katha organized from 26th December 2019 to 01 January 2020 at Sector-7, Tikona Park, Mukta Prasad Nagar, Bikaner, Rajasthan. Sadhvi Ji unfolded the socio-spiritual meaning of Shri Ram’s actions to the present audience.

The Need of Brahm Gyan for a Peaceful World: Shri Ram Katha at Bikaner, Rajasthan

Every major deed of Shri Ram, for which he has been valued for centuries and will continue to be appreciated, is a reflection of his unflinching loyalty to the cause of maintaining peace in a fluctuating world. He accepted exile for fourteen years from Ayodhya to retain peace within his family. In the final year of his exile when the demon king Ravan kidnapped Devi Sita from him, Shri Ram did not lose his conscience or right away killed the demon. But rather, made ardent efforts for peace first and only after Ravan refused to reconcile that Shri Ram waged a war and killed him. Even then, Shri Ram did not take up the throne of Ravan but gave Vibhishan (Ravan’s younger brother) the kingdom of Lanka. Finally, after their return to the royal palace of Ayodhya, Shri Ram exiled Devi Sita only for the peaceful coexistence among the people of Ayodhya and save Devi Sita from undue criticism.   

The Need of Brahm Gyan for a Peaceful World: Shri Ram Katha at Bikaner, Rajasthan

Shri Ram’s life is about his sacrifice at every turn of his journey. How was he able to do so? It was the realization of the divine within that enabled him to perform the noble actions without fear. It was Sage Vasishta who bestowed upon him the divine knowledge through the process of an ancient spiritual technique called Brahm Gyan. With the realization of the eternal, an individual does not get attached to the form of existence visible through the five mortal senses of eyes, ears, nose, taste, and touch. The person draws the purpose of existence from the permanent source of light and not the impermanent mortal world. Shri Ram had the same hold over his life.

Today, we too can experience such inner permanence through Brahm Gyan but for that, we need to find a true spiritual teacher (Guru). The Guru is one who, while removing our external attachments in the process, opens our inner eye and enables us to see the eternal within. Ultimately, Guru empowers us to lead a righteous life. Sadhvi Ji, while concluding the Katha, urged the audience to start their spiritual journey at the earliest. In this endeavour, Sadhvi Ji said, DJJS will always remain open for every spiritual seeker.

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