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With the divine guidance of Gurudev Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder & Head, DJJS), Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized Shri Ram Katha at Ropar, Punjab, during 1st to 5th Mar’2023. Katha Orator Sadhvi Shachi Bharti Ji explained the divinity of the life of Lord Ram.

The Path of Self-realization & Inner peace through Brahm Gyan | Shri Ram Katha at Ropar, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji effortlessly elucidated the hidden divine learning from The Ramayana, that helped the congregation to connect with those incidents of that Golden Era of ‘Ram Rajya’, that could change the life of a true devotee. In this jeopardized world today, where every soul is parched and is seeking peace from materialistic aspects, such divine explanation of the age-old saga of Lord Rama helps them to connect with the eternal path of Bhakti. Sadhvi Ji said that Lord Ram's life highlights the beneficial aspect of living a life based upon inner balance. Our external situation may not be favourable to achieve inner peace, but we all can choose to act in a way that benefits not just us but the entire world. Still what is that correct path, that can lead us all towards peace! As an answer to this Sadhvi Ji explained the relevance of Brahm Gyan for inner peace.

Katha orator explained how Lord Ram didn't get influenced while dealing with adverse situations in his life. He didn't lose heart while leaving his palace to live in the forest or facing the demon King Ravana on the battlefield. In comparison to that, if we are placed in such unfavourable circumstances, we will lose our mind and it is because we are not connected to that eternal consciousness. To remain connected with the supreme conscious and to achieve inner peace it is necessary to achieve transformation of complete mindset, by connecting with the ‘Supreme Divine Force’ within and that can only be attained through divine path of Brahm Gyan. Sadhvi Ji further explained that only the Perfect Spiritual Master could enlighten us with Brahm Gyan and lead us in the path of Self-realization and Inner Peace. His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is one such true Spiritual Master in the present time, for He while imparting the technique of Brahm Gyan bestows direct perception of the divine.

The Path of Self-realization & Inner peace through Brahm Gyan | Shri Ram Katha at Ropar, Punjab

Overall, the five days’ Shri Ram Katha generated awareness about the real essence of bhakti which is the tangible procedure to bring global peace by transforming individuals from within. Devotees, followers, & dignitaries from around the area gathered in great number to experience the program.

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