Dungerpur: In the series of awareness walks to end violence against women & girls being conducted across the country under the theme "Respect women, elevate the nation", DJJS Dungerpur stacked another brick by organizing a mass-sensitizing rally in the city on December 1.

The reverberating sounds of activism against gender based violence stunned Dungerpur city in Rajasthan

The rally set about from Mahakali mandir in Punarvaas colony was flagged off by Mr. Deependra Singh rathore, SDM of the city. In the beginning, Sadhvi Bhagirathi Bharti Ji briefed the volunteers with the action plan and the areas to be covered. Further, she disseminated knowledge about the current social status of women quoting statistics of sex ratio, crime against women, and how it is leading to gender-based violence. Reiterating the preachings of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the head and founder of DJJS, Sadhvi Ji punctuated the fact that only through self-realization i.e. awakening at the soul level, women can realize their self-worth. Moreover, she motivated and encouraged the participants to work as change agents in order to alleviate the status of entire woman community.

The reverberating sounds of activism against gender based violence stunned Dungerpur city in Rajasthan

With the active participation of hundreds of women volunteers including homemakers, school going girls, age old women etc. the rally crossed all major nukkads and lanes of the locality to spread the word of awareness. The volunteers, holding placards and banners, chanted slogans to eliminate violence against women, seek right to equality for girl child and similar gender based issues and distributed awareness pamphlets to masses on their way.

Finally, the rally assembled at Mahipal Maidan towards the end wherein all the participants and DJJS disciples pledged to bear the responsibility of creating a brighter, dignified and discrimination free future for women.

DJJS by means of such awareness walks and other awareness generating endeavours aims to attain the ideal scenario for women wherein they lead a life of their choice and are at par with the counter gender.

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