The festival of Shri Ganesh Chathurthi was celebrated with much fervor at Savona, Italy. DJJS in association with the Italian Hindu Union participated at this event, conducted at the Swami Geetanand Ashram. Swami Satmitranand of DJJS eloquently elucidated about the richness of Indian culture and its festivals, which are not merely meant for celebrations but for contemplation of the profound insights behind them. Many eminent personalities had arrived at this event, including the Mayor of the city Dr. Davide Berruti, Ambassador of India to the Republic of Italy – Basant Kumar Gupta, Indian Consulate General of Milan – Manish Prabhaat, Prefecture of Savona Gerardina Basilicata, Savona Police Department Official - Rosalba Garello, Professor of Savona University – Alberto Pelissero, Colonel Parisi, the head of Italian Hindu Union - Parmahansa Swami Yoganand Giri, Vice-head Swamini Hamsananda Giri. Apart from this committees from different temples of Italy had attended the occasion.

The richness of Indian Culture on the Italian soil

This distinctive event was appreciated by the Italian nationals, who not only received insightful messages but also extolled the greatness of the culture of India.

In entirety, the event catered a message of Peace, an insight of wisdom and a call for universal brotherhood.

The richness of Indian Culture on the Italian soil

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