The Shiv Katha is not only about the origin of Lord Shiva and how his family came into being but more importantly about the journey that a soul takes in-order to meet and merge with God; to realize and complete the purpose of human life. With this theme as the prologue, Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji began the narration of the Shiv Katha on 14 February, 2017 in Jammu and Kashmir under a duly ornamented marquee to a sea of devotees.

The Story of Shiva Enlightened the Spiritual Path for Masses at Kathua, Jammu & Kashmir

The Katha Vyas, Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji revealed the symbolic meaning that the Shiv Katha holds for the devotees. She narrated the story of Parvati as an example. According to the Shiv Purana, said Sadhvi Ji, Parvati was initially born as Sati. Sati performed vrat (fast) so as to have lord Shiva as her husband. Though her fast did make her lord Shiv’s wife, she couldn’t understand the true nature of lord Shiv. Hence, defying the indication of lord Shiv that true happiness can’t be found in the outer world, she did attend her father’s grand event - the Daksh’s sacrifice - uninvited. She was humiliated by her father for marrying Shiv who, the Sadhvi Ji said, represents the deluded human that doesn’t know the all-pervasive formless nature of lord Shiv. Sati, hurt by her father’s words, realized her mistake of not heeding lord Shiv’s advice and cast off her body.

The Story of Shiva Enlightened the Spiritual Path for Masses at Kathua, Jammu & Kashmir

However, said Sadhvi Ji, to attain her ultimate goal Sati took another birth as Parvati. More resolute than she was in her previous birth Parvati undertook a severe penance and reached the pinnacle of her life’s purpose, that is, to see the formless form (nirgun) of lord Shiv. But her journey was not an easy one. Parvati, while performing the penance, was first tested for steadfastness by the sages sent by lord Shiv himself. However, when the sages couldn’t shake her undertaking, lord Shiv disguised as Jatil, appeared before her. Jatil said many bad words about lord Shiv, but Parvati maintaining her calmness refused to comply. At last, Jatil revealed himself as lord Shiv, and Parvati attained enlightenment, that is, to see and have lord Shiv in both sagun and nirgun forms forever.

Ending the Katha on 18 February, 2017, Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji said that like Parvati, every single life on the Earth takes birth until they reach their true goal, that is, enlightenment. But like Parvati had lord Shiv as both her spiritual guide and destination, a human also needs a spiritual master who guides the human on the pious path of journey to the inner core. A core which is a part of a universal core: the light beyond mortal eye; the sound beyond mortal ears; and the name which leads to salvation but is not formed of letter. Hence, Sadhvi Ji said, DJJS- an organization founded and headed by H.H Ashutosh Maharaj Ji- welcomes all to have Maharaj Ji as spiritual master on the spiritual journey that will make everyone an awakened soul as well.

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