Pithoragarh.  Change is eternal but when the change is unprecedented as is the case of Climate change, urgent measures to cope with the change stand essential.  Awareness regarding the where and how about of the change, forms firm foundation to lay these coping strategies. Unfortunately in coping with climate change, this very foundation lies fragile. With the aim of strengthening this awareness foundation DJJS Sanrakshan under its ongoing Climate Saksharta Campaign, organized Walk to Save Himalayas an awareness generation walk to raise social consciousness on the mounting threat of climate change.

Thousands of students join DJJS Climate Saksharta - Walk to Save Himalayas in Pithoragarh city

Ignorant actions, selfish attitudes and wasteful living of human beings over a long period of time have led the planet to this day, where both responsible and those not responsible stand at the receiving end. Himalayan ecosystem is one such system which is bearing the brunt of global climate change irrespective of its contribution towards the change. Walk to Save Himalayas was an initiative to call upon locals to understand and work towards saving Himalayas.

To add volume to the call, thousands of students from leading govt. schools in Pithoragarh city joined the walk and raised slogans of stop climate change & save Himalayas. “Getting children on board for a task ensures sustainability of the effort, pro- environmental values inculcated in the children early on help shape better future lifestyles”, one of the Climate Saksharta volunteers .

Thousands of students join DJJS Climate Saksharta - Walk to Save Himalayas in Pithoragarh city

 Mr. H.S. Bohra, Khand Shiksha Adhikari and Mr. Nandu Kumar, 130, Paryavaran Battalion Commanding Officer flagged off the rally and stood by the students motivating and encouraging them.

As the pro-environmental caravan passed through the city lanes, people came out of their homes & shops and passerby stood along the streets curiously watching the children and keenly listening to the slogans. All enthused many came forward with questions to know about the campaign. The overwhelming response of the city locals was a great source of encouragement for the Climate Saksharta troop.

The rally was followed by a sensitizing talk on the topic climate change and Himalayas by Sadhvi Rakshita Bharti, ascetic disciple of His holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. In her talk she highlighted the evident consequences of climate change like abrupt weather changes, rising frequency of natural disasters, abrupt precipitation, shifting timberline being witnessed in Himalayas in the recent past.

DJJS Sanrakshan led Climate Saksharta campaign is an initiative in the direction of building climate change awareness among local actors. His holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, founder and head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan and a true conservationist says, “Knowledge leads to re-building of the lasting human- nature bond, re- establishment of which automatically ensures conservation of nature.” Upholding this fact climate saksharta is working to educate and mobilise locals for climate change adaptation.

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