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“Time is all you have. And you may find one day that you have less than you think.” Time management is the key to success. It allows taking control of life rather than getting remote controlled by time. When one practices good time management skills, there is no room for procrastination. So the better one gets at it, the more self-discipline one can learn. This is a valuable skill, if not practiced, starts impacting other sphere of life. So this skill is a must have in today’s world where time is limited and tasks are many. It is relevant even more for students who seek to pursue a time bound goal and face many milestones through their school life. 

Time Management is Crucial, Guest Lecture by DJJS at Delhi Public School, Abohar, Punjab

To inculcate good time management skills early on, Delhi Public School (DPS), Abohar, Punjab organized a lecture on time management for their students on 22nd August 2019 for which the faculty assistance was sought from Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS). Swami Vigyananand Ji, preacher disciple of DJJS facilitated the lecture on time management and shared the importance of time management with the students. Swami Ji created a friendly atmosphere for students so that session can be interactive and students can speak freely and ask questions. He explained that good time management skills increase the confidence and motivation level, enables you to attain greater productivity and help you to achieve good quality of work.

Time Management is Crucial, Guest Lecture by DJJS at Delhi Public School, Abohar, Punjab

Accompanied by various group activities, epical examples and live demonstrations, preacher disciples of H.H. Ashutosh Maharaj Ji provided realistic solutions to manage time in a student’s life. They also explained how meditation and discipline go hand in hand. If practiced well, both can have a multiplier effect on the concentration of what a student imbibes and learns. The Eternal Science of Meditation has a reforming effect on our thoughts, attitude, and outlook towards work and life. This exclusive lecture was an eye-opener to students and was soaked in by most for the unmatched benefits it potentially offers.

The students listened to the lecture ardently and found it very useful, enriching and motivating. They also appreciated the fact that solutions given from the dais are implementable, the need is to take first time towards it.

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