The Constitution privileges women with certain rights that empower her to be an equal citizen and contribute to social and economic growth of nation. By being ignorant or deliberately ignoring their rights and perquisites, women are accepting the imposed subordination and thus, encounter a lower status in society. To remind women of their self worth and encourage to enjoy equal social status, an awareness-generating workshop on "Unity of Women" was organized at Vaishya Samaj Dharamshala, Gurgaon on January 30, 2016, under the banner of yearlong campaign 'Tu Hai Shakti' against sex selective abortions in Delhi NCR whose curtain was raised in Dwarka on October 10, 2015.

UNITY OF WOMEN | Holistic empowerment workshop consolidates women of Gurgaon to fight against Gender Injustice

With a target group of 250 women attendees including eminent women councilors and women from nearby localities, the 3 hour workshop took off with lamp lighting as the tradition, by the chief guest Ms. Aparna, famous gynaecologist and Ms. Sunita Kataria, Councilor-Gurgaon. It was followed by a knowledgeable presentation by Dr. Aparna on the physical health, hygiene of women and related issues. The health vertical was supported with a quick Pranayam session to demonstrate how easy yet essential health maintenance is. Sadhvi Aditi Bharti ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, explained through an enlightening lecture the role and importance of women, increasing crime against women due to skewed sex ratio and need for women to break silence and be self awakened. The lecture was followed by an effervescent skit by team of Santulan volunteers, highlighting the importance of 'Girl Child education'. Sadhvi ji concluded the workshop with a brief on Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji's vision of carving 21st century Vedic women and creating 'unity of women'. She also marked spirituality as the only missing factor among women to be empowered and self awakened. Ms. Aman- Ambassador of Gurgaon region shared her story of change discussing the inner strength obtained from spirituality that empowered her to endure all the challenges in her life.

UNITY OF WOMEN | Holistic empowerment workshop consolidates women of Gurgaon to fight against Gender Injustice

Ms. Sunti Kataria, councilor-Gurgaon appreciated the organization's endeavors in this regard and promised her support in the completion of campaign. Sadhvi Yogdivya Bharti ji delivered a thanking note to the attendees for their participation.

The workshop organized by DJJS under the campaign, was headed and managed by the Gurgaon ambassador, endued with the title and related responsibilities in the campaign launch event. The idea is to create peer educators who would further reach out to masses and sensitize them in gender perspective, eventually attaining holistic women empowerment.

Subsequently, an awareness-generating exhibition displaying the ongoing activities of organization in regards to the said issue supported by its publications was arranged with high tea.

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