It will be sheer false to say that the problem of sex selection subsists only in villages. It is equally rigorous in so-called educated sector, evidenced by the decline in sex ratio in urban India. Based on the observations related to deep-seated preference for having sons over daughters in Delhi and DJJS' endeavors in this sphere across India, St. Mathews Convent School, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi invited DJJS to conduct a sensitizing session with students and teachers.

Unsafe for women, Delhi turning from Urban Hub to Crime Hub

With its panoply of strategies, DJJS, under its gender equality program-"Santulan" conducted a gender sensitization workshop called "It’s a girl" in St. Mathew’s Public School, Pashchim Vihar on 1st Nov. 2014. The workshop showcased the multitudinal demeanor of the discrimination that a girl has to face in all phases of her life.

Unsafe for women, Delhi turning from Urban Hub to Crime Hub

The major highlights of the program were a play named ASTITVA emphasizing on role and worth of woman, followed by an enlightening discourse by DJJS's Gender Expert, Sadhvi Aditi Bharti Ji.

Sadhvi Ji explained the journey of a woman's life and the discrimination she has to face in a gender-prejudiced society. Also, she shed light on Delhi's status changing from 'Urban hub' to 'Crime hub'. The way forward would be through addressing the root causes of sex determination manifested through son preference, stated Sadhvi Ji.

The audiences showed enthusiasm throughout the session by participating in activities. Their feedbacks proved that they could easily extract the take home points from the session to lead a gender just life ahead.

A student stated, "I never realized ever before this session, but yes whenever any major decision is to be taken in our family, it is finalized only after my father's consent. My mother hardly participates in decision making." The school management applauded and appreciated the efforts of organization. They are looking forward to more such workshops for their staff members.

DJJS, with its vision to establish world peace through its distinct spiritual tools, is working ceaselessly in various fields, holistic education, drug abuse eradication, gender equality, environment conservation, empowerment of prisoners and disabled, to name a few.

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