On 08 Dec 2014, a special delegation from Germany comprising of Dignitaries like Alexander Klomsdorff (Alfa Moringa, Managing Partner, Germany), Vwe Brose (Managing Director, Sanleaf Europe) and Prof. Dr.-Ing Christian Stollberg (Faculty of mechanical engineering/ Process and Environmental Engineering) along with some other members visited the Kamdhenu Gaushala, Nurmahal, and Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ayurvedic Pharmacy (A unit of DJJS).

Visit to Kamdhenu Gaushala and Pharmacy- Experience of a lifetime

For many years, DJJS is disseminating the information regarding the importance of Indian breed of cows all over the world. They are working towards conservation and propagation of their right usage.  The attendees were astonished with the amazing subject of Indigenous cattle and highly praised this endearing project of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS). They had gathered first hand information about various indigenous breeds of cattle and how to raise them in a proper way so that it is beneficial to the society. They were amazed by the detailing of the work done by DJJS and enthusiastically put forward the notion to join our project in future.

Visit to Kamdhenu Gaushala and Pharmacy- Experience of a lifetime

In the pharmacy, they were enthralled to watch effective Ayurvedic products being formulated in the ancient traditional processes at the Pharmacy. Though Ayurveda is not a new concept to the world, they were amazed to see the practical use of the products and plethora of products in the service of mankind.  They were very much vocal in their amazement and declared that foundation of India's cultural heritage rested on Ayurveda and Gaushalas.

Declaring their astonishment at accidently finding a new treasure, they said that the visit to Gaushala and Ayurvedic Pharmacy was their life's best experience.

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