Dehradun: Going beyond International Woman’s Day and commemorating Woman’s month, Gender Equality Program – Santulan of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized a grand event to acknowledge and encourage women achievers and iconic faces of empowerment. Woman with exemplary work in diverse fields ranging from social development, politics, sports were awarded at 'Annual Santulan Awards' mega event conducted at Raj Rani Farms, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Women achievers of Uttrakhand honoured by Hon’ble Health Minister of Uttrakhand Sh. Surender Singh Negi at the Annual Santulan Awards in Dehradun

Honourable Health Minister of Uttarakhand, Sh. Surender Singh Negi, graced the occasion as Chief Guest of the event and awarded Woman Achievers from various parts of Uttarkhand. Mrs. Susheela Baluni for her exemplary work in the field of social development and welfare of Uttarakhand state, Ms. Neelam Sehgal in the field of woman empowerment, Ms. Dilraj Kaur for Paralympic Sports (shooting), Mrs. Hiresha Verma in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, Ms. Shevata Rai Talwar in the field of Social Reforms and Human Rights, Ms. Geeta Gairola in the field of Woman Empowerment, Ms. Kaushalya Bandhu in the field of Industrial Development, Ms. Ramendri Mandrawal in field of Woman Security.

Women achievers of Uttrakhand honoured by Hon’ble Health Minister of Uttrakhand Sh. Surender Singh Negi at the Annual Santulan Awards in Dehradun

Extending his heartiest congratulations to all the women achievers, the Honarable Chief guest motivated the audience to move towards an attitudinal change for building a society where woman are honoured.

Later the Honourable Health Minister along with all the Women Achievers released the project report of massive awareness and sensitization campaign against sex selective abortions conducted in Ludhiana from 2010 to 2012 under the tag of Santulan Campaign.

The audience was captivated by the powerful play performance on the issue of Female feticide based on Rajasthani plot, Mahishsurmardhani Ballet and band performance by selfless male and female volunteers of DJJS. A special discourse by DJJS preacher invited from New Delhi, jolted the audience to think as to what really Swabhimaan means. “Connection with the real self i.e. Soul unleashes the immense source of Shakti within and leads to Holistic empowerment”, said Sadhvi Ji.

Motivated by the event and impressed to see exemplary work of Santulan in Exhibition area, several men and woman in the audience came forward to voice their commitments to be a part of Santulan and work for creating a Gender Just Society. Several others came forward to share their stories of empowerment and express their compliments for the wonderful work DJJS Santulan program is doing.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is a socio spiritual organization which is working for the establishment of world peace through its 9-point social reforms and welfare programs, santulan being the dedicated initiative working with a mandate of elimination of all forms of discrimination & violence against women particularly sex selective abortions. For the realization of the same, santulan holds number of awareness drives, mass sensitization campaigns, rallies, street theater conferences and workshops in communities as well as corporate sector. In the same vein, as a part of its women empowerment drives, santulan organizes 'Annual Santulan Awards' event every year on International Women's Day.

This year on International Women's Day santulan has initiated a month long countrywide campaign to reinstate lost glory of womanhood under the label of 'Swabhiman'. The sansthan is holding 'Annual Santulan Awards ' events in six states of the country - Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand,  Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh in the month of march 2015 commemorating International Women's Day.

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