It has been very rightly said that “Wastage of Today is Shortage of Tomorrow”.

World Water Day 2016 marked through weeklong nationwide NEER SANRAKSHAN ABHIYAN

Today, 783 million people do not have access to clean water. With the ever- rising demand for water, if current usage patterns continues, the world will face acute shortage of water in future. Further, growing water pollution is reducing the amount of water that can be used for drinking purpose, resulting in inaccessibility to potable water for every 10th person in India. Fights over water, deaths due to lack of water and intake of polluted water, frequent and longer spans of drought are realities that humanity is living today. Situation calls for urgent action; conservation is seen to be the thumb rule for addressing this concern.

World Water Day 2016 marked through weeklong nationwide NEER SANRAKSHAN ABHIYAN

His holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Head and founder Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan says that “Conservation is value which cannot be instilled and made permanent in an individual unless and until the bond of compassion between human and nature is revived, rebuild and strengthened.” Upholding the same principle, DJJS Sanrakshan undertook a weeklong nationwide NEER SANRAKSHAN ABHIYAN on the occasion of World Water Day 2016 to sensitize masses on issue of water conservation and re-instil the value of water conservation in modern living.

DJJS Nature Conservators across the country undertook rigorous awareness generation on the subject through nukad natak (street plays), awareness rallies, exhibitions and spiritual discourses in their respective areas. The campaign was special in the fact that it not only focused on conservation of visible water, however  conservation of virtual water which is present in each and everything from food we eat, clothes we wear to furniture that furnishes our home was emphasized.  In a week’s span through diverse activities thousands of men, women and children were reached and steered on the path of water efficient living.




Under Neer Sanrakshan Abhiyan two initiatives were undertaken in Ahemdabad. First, an awareness counter was set- up in Janta Nagar Park, Chandkheda, Ahemdabad on 22 March, 2016. Various posters were displayed on the counter sensitizing people about the amount of water they waste every second, every minute, every hour, every day and in total end up wasting thousands of gallons of water in a month. In addition, DJJS Nature Conservators presented a skit awakening people from deep slumber of ignorance, and persuaded them to save water. Sadhvi Richa Bharti and Sadhvi Purandari Bharti, ascetic disciples of  His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji explained to the  visitors, the current situation of society which is under the pressure of water crises. People were given the 50 litres challenge leaflet of sansthan and were encouraged to save water in their every routine activity. Many people pledged to save water by putting valuable remarks on the comments board and volunteering in future activities of sansthan in support of the cause. Over 200 people were sensitized through this initiative.

On 26 March 2016, DJJS organised a water workshop for students of Jagruti School, Janta Nagar, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad.  Giving an introduction of the program, Sadhvi Richa Bharti explained the need of celebration of Water Day to the students. The introduction session was followed by an enlightening skit by DJJS Nature Conservators who explained that there is only one planet "Earth" and resources must be conserved today to ensure survival of humans tomorrow. Sadhvi Darshita Bharti asked various questions from the children related to their consumption patterns, and also urged them to save water, ensuring two-way communication. The children too participated in various activities organized by Sansthan. Later, the volunteers took students through the exhibition, apprised them with adequate knowledge on the subject and gave them the 50 litres challenge leaflet.


DJJS Ludhiana branch office under the banner of its ongoing My Earth My Responsibility Campaign undertook special sensitization initiatives on the occasion of World water Day. DJJS Nature Conservators took the route of street theatre to enlighten masses on the water wasteful lifestyles we follow. During the water week, DJJS Nature Conservators performed water awareness play in Rose Garden, Mini Rose Garden and Moti Nagar, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana. And on the very day which is marked world over as Water Day, Nature Conservators took to Rakh Bagh, a garden visited by hundreds of people daily. The Nature Conservators marched in the garden with empty buckets raising slogans of water conservation, the visitors were astonished to see the youngsters waking in with hands painted blue and calling upon people to save the precious water resource. Thousands of people were sensitized on the subject and steered on the path of water secure living in weeks span.


DJJS Nature Conservators in Pithoragarh undertook a water resource cleanliness and water sensitization drive. They sensitized water users on conservation of water and maintenance of water resource. They encouraged the community to give their shramdan on regular basis for cleanliness of the water resource to ensure healthy living for their families and community at large.


Young DJJS Nature Conservators performed a thought provoking skit at various locations:

  1. Chattar Mattar Park, Near Rameshwar Nagar, Azadpur                            
  2. D- Park, Model Town- III                                           
  3. F-1,2, 3,4 Block, Near Mangal Bazar Road, Sec 16                                       
  4. Distt park, Sec 15, Opp. St. Angel School,

showcasing water inefficient lifestyles we lead on daily basis. Motivating the audience to conserve the precious water resource, DJJS Nature Conservators appealed them to take 50 litre challenge and save over 50 litres of water daily just by making simple changes in their lifestyle.


DJJS branch- office in Vijay Vihar organised a water workshop to generate water awareness among youth. The workshop started with sensitizing lecture by Sadhvi Anuradha Bharti followed by a water awareness quiz and a group discussion session. A thought provoking skit was also performed to show a mirror to the audience and assess their daily living in light of water efficiency. A water awareness exhibition was also displayed. In the end the participants signed their commitments to take up 50lt challenge in their daily living and lead water efficient lifestyles.


DJJS Nature Conservators took to Dussehra Ground Model Town to sensitize locals on the subject of water conservation through a thought provoking nukad natak. Hundreds of people gathered to watch the performance and in the end admitted that the play showed us a mirror. Many of them came forward and took the 50lt challenge to head towards water efficient living.


DJJS Nature Conservators under the ongoing My Earth My Responsibility Chandigarh Chapter performed a sensitizing nukad natak at Green Belt Park Sec 37 to generate water awareness on the occasion of world water day 2016.


 Nature Conservators of DJJS Gaziabad branch office used its weekly spiritual platform for sensitizing locals on the subject of water conservation. They performed an enlightening skit laying down the water wasteful lifestyles each one of us is leading. The skit was followed by sensitizing lecture by Sadhvi Shweta Bharti, ascetic disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji; she motivated the audience to adopt simple lifestyle changes and head towards water efficient living.

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