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Globally, Generation Z is the most diverse, ambitious, adventurous, adaptable liberal-minded and well educated generation of people mainly comprising of those born in between 1995-2015. At the same time the youngsters today are the most bewildered of all the generations as they look for shortcuts and instant gratification of their desires which many a times misleads young minds to become perturbed. The present era of unprecedented access to gadgets and technology has also amplified a bunch of critical life issues for the youth mainly related to personal and emotional health, cut-throat competition, examination anxiety, unrealistic ambitions, demands of modern education, peer pressure, expectations of family, depression, anger and stress complications etc. As a result, the present age youth seem to in a rat-race for material success and many have fallen prey to some unethical practices like consumption of alcohol, drugs and indulging in club culture. Youngsters nowadays prefer to connect with their peers and external world virtually through social media while losing touch with their own selves as well as losing their creativity.

'You-Fi', A Youth Workshop Encouraged Youngsters to Establish Connection with Self at Nurmahal, Punjab

To empower modern Indian youth to cater to such personal and professional afflictions, by the profuse elegance and encouragement of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, DJJS organized an insightful and thought provoking workshop on the theme “You-Fi: The connection to Self-Explorer” (A Youth workshop) at DJJS Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab on 02nd June 2019. The theme of the workshop was deliberated with multifarious metaphysical archetypes, prototypes and logical illustrations. The workshop witnessed an overwhelming participation of the youngsters from various local schools, colleges, management and engineering institutions and universities as well as working professionals comprising of age group 14-25 years. At the valedictory session of the workshop, the certificates were also awarded to the participants.

The workshop module suggested the youth to get acquainted with the inner world of eternal philosophy by surfing the internal web of arcane science through a solid spiritual connection with the supreme almighty. The DJJS representatives conducting the workshop proclaimed that one can get familiar with the world of inner science only by the rightful technique of mediation learned from a compassionate mentor.  Self-realization is the only mechanism to self-victory, mind control and the ultimate solution to the perplexities and confusions in life. Rest of the alternate techniques are just surface fixes.

'You-Fi', A Youth Workshop Encouraged Youngsters to Establish Connection with Self at Nurmahal, Punjab

Meditation channelizes the positive energy within and around us which acts as a catalyst in bringing the inner transformation in the modern youth which automatically engenders positive changes in the immediate external environment. The workshop representatives concluded that for Generation Z to combat all the negativity and chaos affecting them in various spheres of their lives, there is an imperative need of a meticulous life coach or Eternal Master with whom one can have a mind to mind connect. H.H Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is truly a divine scientist who endeavours to bring about the inner revolution in the lives of the modern youth worldwide at the conscious level through Brahm Gyan (Eternal Science).

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