Ganesha- the elephant-headed God has millions of devotees all around the world. In this age of challenges, we are always on our toes, fighting with the situations on the outside as well as inside. Of course, this non-stop tussle drains us of our spirits and strength often, both physically and psychologically. In this context, celebrating the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi, falling in the month of September, with a yogic twist can be a smart add on!

There are 4 steps of this #Yogic-GaneshaChaturthi-Celebrations:

1.    Svastikasana

2.    Mouse Pose

3.    Ganesha Mudra

4.    Modak (Blessings)- Relishing Kriya

Svastika is considered as the metaphorical form of Ganesha. It is one of the auspicious symbols in Hinduism, which is drawn before we begin the worship. In our scriptures, Svastika is defined as: "Svastikaha sarvato riddaha: May all  prosper in all dimensions of their life." The svastikasana verily offers the same, through its wide-range of benefits. So, let's start our #Yogic-GaneshaChaturthi-Celebrations with Svastikasana.

Svastikasana (Prosperous Pose)

It is quite similar to the cross-legged pose (Sukhasana). However, the positioning of the feet induces the main difference.

1.  Sit with legs extended and hands on the sides.

2.  Bend the left leg, placing the heel close to the groin, i.e. near the right thigh muscles. A slight pressure is to be exerted on the left foot.

3.  Bend the right leg. Place the right foot between the left thigh and the calf muscles as shown.

1.  This simple-looking pose when done along with Pranayama, helps in curing a number of major diseases, for which medicines also fail to show substantial results.

2.  When practised on the regular basis, it helps in knee-problems. Also, it brings elasticity in the muscles of the legs.

3.  It serves as a remedy for high blood pressure.

4.  From therapeutic perspective, it helps in toning the sciatic nerve.

5.  Backbone remains erect, thereby exerting less pressure on the spine.


To know Svastikasana’s spiritual perspective, and likewise other poses steps, benefits and spiritual perspective in toto, read the complete article in Sept'19 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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