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A Message to the Atheists!

…  Two top learned individuals met in Kashipuri. One was Charvak Brahaspati, the famous atheist of India. The second one was Acharya Sureshwar, the learned disciple of Adi Shankaracharya. The purpose of their meeting was to have a face to face argument about the revelations in the scriptures. The topic of discussion was- “Whether God exists or not!”

… ‘Who would be the judge of the symposium?’ All intellectuals refused to interject. None of them was ready to occupy the seat of the mediator or moderator. Finally, it was agreed that the statue of Vishnu be installed as the mediator.

Non-stop discussion went on. However, amidst all this, a miracle happened. With each argument, remarkable change occurred in the statue! When Charvak opposed the existence of God, the idol melted and turned into water. Whereas, when Acharya Sureshwar tendered an argument in the favour of the existence of God, that water took shape of the statue again.  

…   Those supporting Charvak said, “The reality is that the powerful vibrations of our arguments are casting an impact on even a stone. The changes happening in this statue are not speaking about the decision of God; instead, they are the expressions of Nature, and Nature agrees with both the parties.”

Brahmin: I have heard that for the last eighteen days, the scriptures were being probed here. … I have come to see their real splendor only!

… Looking at the plight of Charvak, Acharya Sureshwar stood stunned like a stone. But the Brahmin was smiling. Taking a pot shot at Charvak, he said, “Dear non believer, what is the issue? In the state of trance, you were repeating Rama! Rama!”

To know what is the message conveyed by Brahmin and what made a non-believer to call Rama! Read the complete article in June 2013 edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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