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Ayurvedic Kit To Be Wholesomely Fit

Ayurveda is an unmatched encyclopedia of health that has been provided to us by the great rishis of India. Here are some of the ayurvedic practices, which we can easily incorporate in our daily routine. The best part of these practices is that they are very easy and least time consuming; moreover, the health benefits which these practices offer are truly commendable!


Most of us know about the benefits of drinking water in the morning, and also follow the same. However, many a times it so happens that we fail to derive the benefits to the best extent as we should get by adopting this practice in our lifestyle. Let's check the following aspects and find out where we are erring in following this practice:

Improper Timing

"Ushapaan" is a morning practice strongly recommended by ayurveda. Ushapaan = Usha (dawn) + Paan (drinking). In accordance with the name, the perfect time to get the best results is a few minutes before sunrise. It is to be noted that water should be taken before brushing the teeth so as to benefit from the stored up saliva which is highly medicinal.

Improper Quantity and Type

Often it is advised that we should drink plenty of water. However, be cautious! If we drink water in excess quantity, then…

So, how many glasses of water should be actually taken? ... How should we choose the type of water we drink? ... What should be the proper posture while drinking water? ... Not just water therapy... but also to know the gargle therapy, saliva therapy and herbal therapy and its benefits in toto... read the complete article in the Feb'2020 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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