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Be Repulsive to Impulsive Decisions

Life is a journey from B (birth) to D (Death). And, in between B to D, there is an alphabet ‘C’ indicating the ‘Choices’ we make along the road of life. These choices are the manifestations of our decisions. However taking decisions is not a simple task. For example, suppose we give you two options:

Option A: Receive $15,000 today

Option B: Get $18,000 in four years

Which option will you go in for? In this case you can easily opt for choice A, as it is the amount you are receiving today. But, according to the time value of money in the financial dictionary, a person who goes with option B will be getting greater benefits in terms of money.

Alike such decisions, many a times we come across various situations where instant returns or gains appear to be more beneficial. But, in reality they are not. There are various circumstances when our impulsive decisions make us regret in the long term.

Dear friends, are you also among those who have a habit of taking decisions immediately? And, has it ever happened that your impulsive decisions have made you land in trouble? … What did you say? Often? Ah! Then be careful, as these impulsive decisions can hamper your success and will-power.  …Just check, are you…

Going by Pleasure-Driven Decisions?

How do you define an impulse? Correct, it is a thought to do something. Impulses originate from our basic drives. And, our basic drives are driven by the things that give us pleasure, such as food, comfort, materialistic possessions, entertainment and…

All of the above pleasure-seeking drives excite a part of the brain called the… system. … This  stimulated system over-strengthens our brains for a “Go” system provoking us to do things and weakens our brain mechanism, which tells us to “STOP”.

…What is this “STOP” button? ... How to activate this “STOP” button is very important? To know this in detail, and also the essential aspects before taking any decision, read the complete article in the July edition of monthly English magazine Akhand Gyan.

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